Helping you with the new normal

Understand and adapt to change with our latest release. Unlock the meaning behind data and unearth valuable actions to both weather storms and get ahead.

Data that helps you understand and act

A lot of businesses are doing more with less at the moment. That’s why our latest release helps you to leverage data to pivot with ease.

Adapting quickly with optimized reporting

Data with context for actionable insights. New reporting for automation programs, and customer shopping behavior.

Dotdigital | New Release - optimized reporting

Keep an eye on your automations
Easily distinguish which of your campaigns are triggered when looking up reports and view crucial stats on your programs, such as customers who have enrolled, customers who have opted out, or those who have graduated and are ready for the next level of your marketing campaign. You can even create a report straight out of program builder.

Gain greater customer order insight
Deep dive into your ecommerce data to truly measure the success of your marketing. A new order screen lets your view individual customer orders. Plus, in your customer dashboard, click on your recency, frequency and monetary (RFM) personas to get a snapshot of what’s happening with your customers, as well as viewing trends over time.

The effectiveness of personalized marketing

Chat gets more personal, segment RFM personas or customer groups with ease and branch out your automation with new multi-decision functionality.

Dotdigital | New Release - personalized marketing

Chat for contextual conversations
Live chat is the ultimate tool for sales and marketers at a time when shopping and buying decisions are almost exclusively online. Now your agents can have their own individual avatars and name tags that will appear when chatting to customers and prospects on your site, mimicking the in-store experience. They’ll also be empowered to see how high intent this customer is by seeing what page they are viewing, and what products or pages they have been browsing. Finally, agents can deploy a form in the chat to capture data such as an email address or phone number (with consent) in order to keep the conversation going over other channels in the future.

More ecommerce syncs for more context in your communication
You can now sync all custom attributes in Salesforce Commerce Cloud, BigCommerce and Shopify for more context and personalization with your customers than ever. Shopify users can now even import tracking data including the tracking number, and website used to track, enabling you to include this information in your triggered emails and SMS, cutting down on needless queries whilst improving customer experience.

Dotdigital | New Release - Creating customer segments

Creating customer segments gets easier
When we launched our recency, monetary and frequency (RFM) persona screen in Dotdigital which allows you to track customer behavior, many of you found it so insightful, you wanted to create customer segments straight from the page. Now you can. Dynamic segments that change as your customer behavior does, allowing you to adapt and personalize like never before. We’ve also updated our BigCommerce custom connector so you can sync Customer Groups for more precise campaigns.

A new multi-decision node for branching, personalized marketing
You no longer need to choose between binary paths for your customers at each junction. The multi-decision node allows for easier orchestration of branching logic into your automation programs so that you can allow more customers to choose their own adventure. Now it’s easier than before to send to segments in different time zones, different persona groups or any other criteria you want to use to create truly personalized marketing experiences.

Bringing B2C strategies to B2B markets

Leverage data for elevated, personalized B2B marketing. We now support Magento B2B commerce, and bring you even more Dynamics 365 functionality.

Dotdigital | New Release - Magento B2B commerce

Support for Magento B2B commerce is here
Magento B2B merchants can now leverage their B2B commerce data for smarter and more effective engagements with prospects and customers. Magento B2B commerce users can now sync company data such as business type, name, and status, sync shared catalog data, and even sync quote data, enabling you to streamline processes for sales, marketing, and even your customers.

Dotdigital | New Release - PowerAutomate with Dynamics 365

PowerAutomate with Dynamics 365 
Coming soon: Our Dotdigital connector is joining the ecosystem of apps in PowerAutomate, where you’ll be able to build out workflows with ease. Create contacts or address books, enroll into programs, and send emails and SMS straight from your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM to elevate your B2B marketing.