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Your customers are online more than ever. Our latest release brings you new ways to break through virtual barriers of engagement and stand out from the crowd.

Feature updates / 2020 October release

The year we went online like never before

Opens and clicks are up, but so are sends from both you and your competitors. Make your messaging stand out from the inbox and keep engaging.

Engage and convert with interactive email

Next-level email marketing is here with AMP for email technology
Our creative services team can now unlock interactive email for you, a groundbreaking new way to stand out in the inbox! Powered by AMP for email technology, interactive email allows you to improve engagement and action completion like never before. With AMP for email, you can include carousel and accordion displays, in-email form completion, and much more. Learn more here.

See the results for yourself, with visual campaign comparison reporting
Email is still king of ROI, but interactive AMP for email can take you to new heights. We don’t want you to take our word for it of course. If you want to see just how effective an interactive AMP for email campaign can be, or compare any campaigns side-by-side, new visual reporting makes it easier to contrast and learn what works best for your customers with actionable data.

Lifecycle ecommerce tools

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A library of product recs for every step in the customer lifecycle
Product recommendations continue to be an effective way to upsell and nudge your customers over to a conversion. dotdigital offer an extensive library of product recommendations for you to choose from along a customer journey, whether your customers are brand new, loyal, or lapsing, there’s a product recommendation to suit. Our new layout makes choosing the right recommendation at the right time even easier for you.

New: Leverage the latest AI tech with customer affinity scores for products
Our lookalike and best-next product recommendations use machine-learning to generate their product picks – but we want to lift the curtain for you as the marketer and show the decisions at work. You can now view confidence scores for products for each contact, giving you a likelihood of engagement and conversion.

Transactional email manager: turn key touch-points into a valuable engagements
Your customers are more valuable to you right now than ever. That’s why it’s important to never miss an opportunity to engage and convert across the whole customer lifecycle. Take advantage of your post-sale marketing and continue to deliver beautiful brand experiences. Transactional email manager allows Shopify and BigCommerce customers to set-up no-code templates in a few clicks. Offer an instant personalized and on-brand experience in even your automated messages for those all important store events.

Keep the conversation going

Capture and convert marketing users through Engagement Cloud chat
In-chat email address capture can now be used to trigger a double-opt in confirmation to both verify identity of chat users, and even capture consent for marketing preferences! Make email capture either mandatory or optional at the start of a conversation, for a new acquisition method as well as a way to unlock enriched conversations between agent and customer.

Empower agents with more data than ever for conversations that convert
Your marketing points customers and prospects to your ecommerce store – don’t fall down at the last hurdle. Improve ROI with Engagement Cloud chat, providing agents the tools they need to sell, such as web behavior information and personal data fields. Agents can even link out to the customers Engagement Cloud contact profile for more.

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