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Don’t let engaged customers pass you by, our April release makes it easier to identify engaged customers and strike while the iron’s hot.

Whatever your business model, product or service…

Dotdigital brings you all-new customer insights, next-level automation reporting, and more

Act on intent

Dotdigital | New Release - eRFM

Unlock the power of eRFM
Your customers’ actions speak louder than words, but dissecting the data is often more than what you signed up for. eRFM is a behavioral model that combines purchase data with engagement data (that means your opens, clicks and browsing history!). Lean back and let Dotdigital do the work for you.

Shed light on untapped revenue opportunities
Our eRFM model trains on your data every single day, and powers the all-new Opportunities Dashboard (rolling out to accounts from April 28th) that helps you uncover revenue opportunities hiding in plain sight. Now you can retarget customer who haven’t engaged in a while, or target highly engaged new customers in just a few clicks.

Dotdigital | New Release - Repeat customers

Segmentation for commerce
Building powerful segments is easy thanks to our tried and tested segment builder – and it just got better. Now you can overlay purchase information like price and purchase date to create dynamic segments. What’s more, Shopify and BigCommerce merchants can now use custom attributes, product categories, and much, much more to better target their audience.

No fads, just trends with retail reporting
Our refreshed Retail dashboard gives you a birds-eye-view to monitor key performance indicators and watch your big picture grow. Apply custom date ranges, filter by currency or region, and turn trends into conversions.

Optimize with purpose

Dotdigital | New Release - Powerful program reporting

Powerful program reporting improvements
Marketing automation is your best friend, so there should be no second-guessing what works and what doesn’t. From how many contacts entered your program over a given time, to the number of campaigns and SMS it triggered, new program reports give you an on-the-ground view of where you can optimize.

Drill down into the detail
We didn’t stop there. Drill down into your key program reporting metrics and take a long view of how your campaign opens are trending, or how they stack up over time. So next time you optimize your program, you’ll be able to see whether it packs the punch your program performance needs.

Dotdigital | New Release - SMS marketing

Always on time with SMS marketing
Thousands of marketers are already reaping the benefits of SMS, sending to-the-point messages that deliver results. No matter where your customers are, you can reach them across 220+ countries with SMS marketing in Dotdigital. You can now pick the time zone you want to send a campaign in or set an expiry on any time-critical campaign.

Improved SMS reporting
SMS is an excellent way to tell everyone who needs to hear about your upcoming event or promotion, but you can also use it in a more targeted way. Improved reporting shows you exactly who was sent what, the campaign or program they received, and what piqued their interest with a brand new clicks report too.

Connect for success

Dotdigital | New Release - Step in line with Eventbrite

Step in line with Eventbrite
Virtual events took off in 2020, and they’re here to stay. So naturally we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to add not one, but two Eventbrite integrations to our new Integrations Hub. You can now easily automate communications with event registrants and follow up with attendees as they check-in or -out.

Shopware 6
Great minds think alike. Shopware released version 6 early last year, offering global, growing brands a better experience for users and end-customers. You can now integrate Dotdigital with Shopware 6, engaging with customers, guests, and subscribers through email and smart omnichannel automation programs.

Dotdigital | New Release - PWAMagento

Next-gen shopping experiences
The number of Magento stores running ‘headless’ is on the rise, and for good reason. PWA storefronts as they’re known, deliver on a host of shopping experience improvements, and in turn can impact marketing results for the better too. Magento 2 merchants leading the way in ecommerce innovation can now be sure their integration will run smoothly, headless or not.

Magento PWA: same powerful integration, no matter the implementation
Whether you use our integration to track site-wide ROI, web behavior (which you’ll want in order to power eRFM segments in the Opportunities dashboard of course!), or even live chat, we support headless so you can benefit from the same powerful integration.