Unlock customer-driven value

Customer-centric businesses are 60% more profitable than businesses that don’t put their customer first. Convert data into revenue with our final product release of the year.

Putting your customer first is crucial

Whether you’re reacting to iOS 15 changes or chiseling away at your data siloes, we’re here to help

Put your customer first, front and center

Single Customer View
​​Dotdigital now gives you a holistic view of every one of your customers, you can see your customer’s story at a glance, break down data siloes, and focus on the voice of the customer.

Own the narrative
Dotdigital’s SCV shows you real-time engagement and sales data, a contact’s subscriber status, their preferences, and even which programs they are enrolled into. SCV lets you own the narrative and uncover profitable customer insights.

Dotdigital | New Release - New design and New support channels

New design
Our customer’s experience features high up on our agenda too. We’ve updated the look and feel of our platform, you’ll see a different color palette (now AA accessible!) and less white space. When you’re looking at your SCV, or diving into some dashboards, you’ll be able to take it all in at a glance – minus the scroll. Oh, and did we mention new dark mode?

New support channels
If you’re an existing customer, you’ve probably interacted with our stellar Customer Support and Service team. We’re adding WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to our support channels – no matter what part of the world you’re in, the time of day it is, or what device you’re on, you can get in touch on your terms.

Bots, opens, and iOS 15

Dotdigital | New Release - Bots opens and iOS15

Out with opens?
As an engagement metric, opens have been under fire for a while. Discrepancies in how different clients record an open, preview modes, and opens that are instantly deleted all contribute to the metric being unreliable.

iOS15 and Mail Privacy Protection
Apple’s iOS 15 and Mail Privacy Protection update means consumers can make it harder for their opens to be tracked. Depending on how many customers use an iOS device, you may start seeing a dent in some of your reporting. We’re not going to let you ride this out alone.

Dotdigital | New Release - Use clicks as primary metric

How it affects you
We recommend checking the % of opens you get on Apple Mail, to ascertain the impact to your engagement reporting. Last year we introduced NHI (non-human interaction) filtering to prevent bot activity from skewing your reports, now we’re introducing a toolkit to help you mitigate the effects of iOS 15 too.

Private preview
Our customers can opt-in to a toolkit to help reduce your reliance on opens. Amongst other changes, split-tests will default to using clicks, not opens, and predictive models such as Send Time Optimization and eRFM will take opens out of the equation. Read more about the private preview, how you can join and how to give us your feedback here.

Connect for success

Dotdigital | New Release - Connect for Success

We’ve recharged our Salesforce integration
Dotdigital and Salesforce now include all the things you could want your marketing platform to talk to your CRM about, and vice versa.

Our new integration supports:

  • Easier lead capture, you can creature new leads in Salesforce for any new address book members
  • Improved data enrichment as the bi-directional sync now support contacts, leads and person account attributes
  • Total control over each data field direction, so you can manage your data flow how you want to

Previously we introduced one-click site and ROI tracking for customers using our WooCommerce plug-in. Well, now we have more in store for you with full support for Guest Abandoned Cart and all the data to support abandoned browse campaigns too.

Shopware (coming soon)
Shopware 6 integration users can now easily pre-install key scripts such as site and ROI tracking and our abandoned cart script. You can read about how Dotdigital and Shopware work together via our new app listing in the Shopware app store.