Insights as dynamic as your customer

Our September platform release lets you turn next time into now time, and gives you insights to make better marketing decisions today.

Hindsight is a beautiful thing

Draw from your data for up-to-the-minute insights into your customers and program performance and take control of your future

Segments that start with your customer

Dotdigital | Segments for CMOs

Segments for CMOs
Segment building is no longer exclusively for day-to-day campaign building. With new Segment analytics in Dotdigital, decision-makers can glean rich insights about any segment or target customer. Across email, web, commerce, and RFM analytics, you have all the data you need to make strategic improvements based on your data.

Designed to help you find your customer-campaign fit
How do you learn about your customers? Interviews, NPS scores, and reviews are all valuable but can be time-intensive and expensive data-collection methods. Segment analytics surfaces insights for every customer cohort you can think of. Want to know more about people that visited your website in the last month, and are signed up to an upcoming event? Hey presto.

Dotdigital | New Release - Segmentation

Change how you think about segmentation
Segment, send, and worry about the results later…sound familiar? Segment analytics are designed to be used before you hit ‘Go’. Tailor your campaign or program content to align with customer behavior, or tweak your audience to improve results and hit your campaign objectives.

And make better decisions every day
Segment analytics lets you compare your new segment to an existing one. So you might find that when you analyze it, it contains a higher-than-expected percentage of Loyal customers. These could be future Champions and are more valuable than ever. Convert them by improving your offer or remind them of your VIP program.

Test-to-learn, with Program analytics

Dotdigital | Test to learn with Program analytics

Test, learn, test
Have you ever wanted to make changes to your automation programs, but were unsure how your program performance would be impacted? There’s no need to worry anymore with Program analytics in tow. Marketing teams now have an in-situ view of program performance, and can test, learn, and test again, to their hearts’ content. 

Pave the way for more channel experimentation
Program analytics helps marketers feel more empowered to test new customer journeys tactics. If you’ve ever worried about swapping out your trusted email campaigns for the occasional SMS or push notification, now you can whilst keeping a close eye on how that conversion point is doing.

Dotdigital | New Release - Optimization

Always optimizing
A few months ago, we gave you a new program report. In the spirit of always optimizing, your manager said Our nurture program saw 25% fewer clicks this month versus the previous – can you check that out?’. Sure, you can. But knowing which campaign, text, or touchpoint in that program contributed to that change was hard. Until now.

Program reporting vs. Program analytics
Program reporting gives you the birds-eye view that helps you track overall performance of that program. Program analytics makes it actionable, and shows you exactly what part of the customer journey is delivering and where a helping hand is needed.

CX 101: Give your customers what they want

Dotdigital | New Release - CX101

Tomorrow’s customer wants to Chat
Brands around the world are using live Chat to deliver better experiences and grow their audience in new target markets and geographies. Now, we give you more flexibility over when the widget is displayed on your website. Plus, for peace of mind, you get to choose whether we notify you about incoming messages via email, web push, or both.

Put excellence into the expected
Timely and informative updates following a new account creation, checkout, or order status change are key to establishing customer trust. Our transactional email API now supports attachments, batch sends, and more webhook events for better reporting.

Dotdigital | New Release - WooCommerce - Zoom

Woo’s the word
WooCommerce runs on more than 14% of all websites worldwide (Builtwith, 2021). So it was high time we upgraded the dotdigital to WooCommerce plugin experience; which very soon will support seamless guest subscription, and one-click site and ROI tracking implementation.

And more for (Mar)Technophiles
Our Integration Hub is getting bigger and better with every release. Last time we brought you Eventbrite and Google Analytics integrations, this month we’re adding integrations for Zoom Webinars, Oracle Netsuite, and Zendesk Sell. Simply go to the ‘Integration hub’ via Account Settings to check them out.