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6 ways to change your email content

Generating content for your email marketing is an ongoing struggle for many marketers – especially those teams who act as email marketers and content creators. Producing fresh content send after...

Generating content for your email marketing is an ongoing struggle for many marketers – especially those teams who act as email marketers and content creators.

Producing fresh content send after send is hard. Even for the most seasoned marketers, finding time and inspiration to change-up your email content can prove challenging. But have no fear, that’s why we’re here!

In this article, we’ll show you 6 easy ways to change your emails to keep your marketing current and content engaging.

1. Dynamic content

Dynamic content is an easy but intelligent way to personalize your email marketing content.

Using customer data such as location you can tailor your email marketing with localized offers and more. Personalizing your content in this way you’ll no longer need to spend hours crafting individual emails. In fact, you can send multiple variations of one email using dynamic content blocks.

The key to creating great content lies in connecting with customers and exceeding their expectations. The more relevant you can make your email using personalization tactics like dynamic content the better your results are going to be. On average click-through rates improve by 14% when personalization tactics are used. Improved relevancy in your email marketing can also boost revenue generation by up to 18x.

As a result, adding dynamic content to your email content is an essential.

Dynamic content
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2. Editorial content

In our annual benchmarking report Hitting the Mark, we found that only 34% of brands regularly send editorial content.

This is reflected in the general shift of brands away from sending traditional newsletters. Instead, we’re seeing more and more brands adopt “sell, sell, sell” tactics throughout their email marketing. This is resulting in a steady decline in editorial marketing.

The biggest benefit of including longer form or editorial content is that it helps establish a connection with your readers. They’ll recognize your brand as one that delivers additional value, beyond the products or services you provide.

Editorial content

3. Video content

Videos are an engaging and entertaining medium that allows you to quickly and effectively communicate with your audiences. We’ve seen them taking social media by storm, but did you know including video content in email can improve open rates by up to 13%?

Video content is a great way to engage and explain long or complicated ideas or products quickly. Perfect for when you’re launching new products or expanding your brand offering, embedding video in your email marketing will drive real results.

4. Gamified content

Adding a gamification element to your email marketing is another great way to boost customer engagement with your content.

Gamified content such as ‘spin to win’ and ‘shake to reveal’ give readers a reason to read your email. It’s a type of content that’s still growing. Widespread adoption has not swept across the marketing industry, which means you can still reap the benefits of showing customers something new. Gamification compels readers to click on your email, their curiosity will be ignited, not wanting to miss out on what could be a very exclusive offer.

Interactive, gamified content also helps customers build a stronger emotional connection with your brand. Positive and fun experiences provided by the gamification of your content will drive subscribers to open and engage with more of your email marketing.


5. AMP for email

Send interactive emails with a difference using AMP for email. AMP for email allows your customers to control the content they see from inside your email.

This is a massive benefit as the longer they spend in your email, the more likely they are to click and convert. Using AMP, you can showcase your products, capture customer data, and make it easier for readers to discover something new.

Handing over the reins to the customer has the power to give them an experience unlike any other they’ve received in-email. It also increases the number of products and services you can display in a single email. With any luck, readers will discover something they never knew they needed.

AMP for email

6. AI content

Another way to change-up your email content without adding to your workload is to allow AI to pull it in for you.

AI-powered product recommendations identify ‘items bought with’ or ‘items similar to’ and showcases previously undiscovered items in your product catalog. Tailoring product recommendations to be based on the reader’s previous purchases delivers an unexpectedly personalized experience.

Product recommendations

Refresh your content

Changing your content doesn’t have to be a drastic or radical project. There are many small ways you can change your content to ensure your achieving maximum customer engagement.

Whether you start small or go large, our 7-step content marketing planner will help you organize and optimize every step of the way.

Content marketing planner
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