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8 promotional email marketing examples to inspire your next campaign 

Boost your email marketing game with these eight incredibly effective promotional email examples that cut through the noise, engage, captivate and convert your target audience.
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In the highly competitive world of digital marketing, making your mark and delivering a memorable customer experience for your audience is more important than ever. Promotional email marketing can be an incredibly effective way to engage your target audience and encourage them to take action. To get your creative juices flowing, we’ve found eight promotional email marketing examples that are simply too good to ignore. So, let’s jump right in.

1. Limited-time promotional email

Limited-time promotional emails work like a charm. By highlighting a time-sensitive deal, you’re creating a sense of urgency that says, “Hey, you better act fast or you’ll miss out”. To make your limited-time offers even more irresistible, try adding a countdown timer, mentioning when the deal will end, and showcasing all the awesome perks and savings that come with the promotion. 

Motherhood Maternity, Owlet baby care ends tonight, promotional email.

2. Seasonal sale

Who doesn’t love a good seasonal sale? Events like Black Friday, back-to-school, and end-of-summer promotions are perfect for tapping into your customers’ spending mood. With seasonal sale emails, you can creatively weave in festive vibes and themes that grab subscribers’ attention. This way, you’re not only allowing them to snag deals they simply can’t resist but also allowing them to truly embrace and enjoy the spirit of the season.

Benefit, summer beauty sale promotional email.

3. Flash sale

Ready, set, go. Flash sales are all about striking while the iron is hot, offering irresistible deals for a short time. These emails are designed to create a sense of excitement and urgency, encouraging subscribers to take quick action before the deals disappear. With persuasive copywriting, headlines, and eye-catching visuals, you can make your flash sale emails impossible to ignore.

Ipsy, flash sale ends soon, promotional email.

4. Free shipping

Offering free shipping can be a great incentive for customers to make a purchase. To make the most of this promotion, it’s important to design an email that showcases the offer in the best possible way. Use eye-catching visuals, attractive typography, and a layout that speaks directly to your target audience. 

Additionally, you can set a minimum order requirement to qualify for free shipping. Make sure to clearly communicate the spending threshold so that customers know what they need to reach. This approach can encourage customers to add more items to their cart to take advantage of the free shipping offer, which can increase your average order value (AOV).

Justice, free shipping, and 60% off sitewide promotional email.

5. Bundle deal

Capture your subscribers’ attention by presenting them with an attractive bundle deal, such as “buy one, get one free,” or “get 50% off your next item.” In these emails, make sure to clearly display the products included in the bundle, and emphasize the great value that customers stand to gain from the offer. This approach can encourage them to make a purchase and enjoy the benefits of your enticing bundle deal.

Quay Australia, 2X reward points + 50% off your second pair promotional email.

6. Abandoned cart reminder

Occasionally, customers just need a gentle reminder to complete their purchase. To win them back, send an email showcasing the items left behind in their cart. To make your abandoned cart reminder email even more compelling, offer a limited-time discount, exclusive bonus, or free shipping incentive. This added perk demonstrates your appreciation for their interest in your products and motivates them to return and finalize their transaction.

Ole Henriksen, Leave something behind? 20% off abandoned cart promotional email.

7. Gift guides

Gift guides are a fantastic way to provide your customers with ideas and inspiration when you’re offering a discount or promotion. By aligning your guides with key sales dates from your social media calendar, such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or other relevant occasions, you can curate perfectly timed gift suggestions for your audience. 

So, not only does this approach give your customers that extra nudge to make a purchase, but it also adds a whole lot of value and creates a more enjoyable experience for them. After all, who wouldn’t appreciate personalized suggestions during those special celebrations?

Sabon, Mother’s day gift guide promotional email.

8. Exclusive subscriber-only discount

So, want to make your loyal subscribers feel extra special? Offer them an exclusive discount that’s only available to those who’ve joined your email list. With this incentive, they’ll be eager to make a purchase and truly experience the perks of being part of your email community. Keep in mind that tailoring offers to their preferences and interests adds a personal touch, making them feel even more valued and appreciated.

Kirkland, here’s a $5 Reward, Michael, loyalty promotional email.


Promotional email marketing is key to increasing customer engagement and boosting revenue. By drawing inspiration from these eight examples, you’ll be better equipped to design captivating emails that truly connect with your audience and motivate them to take action. As you work towards perfecting your promotional email marketing strategy, remember to keep it simple, engaging, and relevant—and you’ll be on your way to building lasting connections with your customers and amplifying your business growth.

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