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All the best marketing resources this month

The cream of content from May 2020

We thought a weekly round-up of marketing resources might be a bit too much, so here’s the first monthly installment. Our aim is to make sure you don’t miss any of the great content we’re releasing. From omnichannel marketing tactics to brand strategy, we want to keep you in the know.

So, here’s a summary of all the unmissable content this month:

All the benefits of chat for your business

During these times, personal service online can make all the difference to customers’ experiences. As more and more people order from home, having a live chat service with agents on hand means you can nurture customers better and increase average order value more significantly.

In our ebook, we explore the business benefits of live chat and what to look out for in a vendor. It could make all the difference to your customers’ happiness.

Reporting on email marketing campaigns is important because it helps you optimize your marketing activity. That means higher ROI. To keep on top of their game, marketers need the right suite of reporting tools to measure accurately and gain deeper customer insight.

We’ve put together this best practice guide which covers all the KPIs you should keep an eye on. Tactics on how to replicate success and rectify downward trends are also included. Grab your copy here for advice on how to fine-tune your campaigns like never before.

SMS marketing: the golden opportunity

Consumers favor SMS equally as email. But do you have the tools to stack up? There’s a huge engagement opportunity for marketers to reach their customers on their handheld devices before and after a purchase. It’s not just a nice-to-have addition to email, but complements the overall customer experience, making your brand more competitive.

The aim of our ebook is to prove how SMS can maximize your marketing results. Take a deep dive into some SMS best use cases, highlighting the channel’s value, plus the ultimate checklist for your potential messaging provider.

The Forrester Wave report: Email marketing providers, 2020

For the first time ever, dotdigital has been included in the Forrester Wave report and cited as a strong performer. Forrester researched, analyzed, and scored 13 email marketing software providers in total. And of all the criteria, we scored the highest possible for ‘vision’ and ‘vertical capabilities’.

You can read more about our benchmark performance here, or download the full report to take a look at all the email marketing service providers included.

How to create the perfect email marketing campaign

Marketers have turned to email during lockdown as a tried-and-true marketing channel. Not only is email the bedrock of customer lifecycle marketing, it brings customers much closer to your brand – not least in times of isolation. Focusing on email marketing means you can nail the basics and scale in sophistication.

We’ve come up with this must-read guide on how to create the perfect email marketing campaign. We’ll show you what great email design looks like, plus creative ways to make your emails shine brighter. And if that wasn’t enough, you’ll discover a winning formula on how to create highly engaging content that makes your brand stand out.

11 ways to write email subject lines that get opened

Ah, the humble email subject line. Friend or foe? Whatever you think about this short snippet of text, you can’t argue that it’s not super-important in email marketing. Over 30% of recipients open on subject line alone, so getting it right has a direct impact on your open rates. A bad subject line could mean no one takes that all-important call to action.

In this infographic, we reveal 11 clever ways to write subject lines that get opened. Learn how to get noticed in a crowded inbox, with tactics like urgency and scarcity prompts. You’ll perfect the art of writing compelling subject lines in no time!

How to do business for good: integrating ethical practices into ecommerce

The COVID pandemic has shed some light on the fragility of our planet. It’s shown us that, with a drastic fall in air travel and pollution, mother nature can recover. For businesses that have weathered the storm, right now is the perfect opportunity to take an ethical stand.

From ways to support environmental causes to simple green initiatives, to customers, your actions will always speak much louder than your words. Download our ebook on how to adopt ethical practices into your marketing activities.


Can you think of three things you’ve done today that have helped the environment? In our upcoming exclusive ‘Incommon’ event, we’ll explore easy solutions you can adopt for a more eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle, helping to steer you to a greener future.

Brand story: re-platforming to Magento 2

If you’re still wondering whether re-platforming to Magento 2 is the right move for your business, this is the webinar for you. We have a brand story that includes all the pros and cons of migrating to Magento’s new ecommerce platform; as well as taking a deep dive into brands that have already adopted the platform including PMT.

Expert ecommerce panel: Improve your customer journey

Do you want to Innovate like Amazon? In this virtual series we’ve identified five areas of the customer journey where Amazon excels, and created tangible advice on how retailers can adopt these tactics into their businesses. Learn from 5 ecommerce experts and take your marketing to the next level.

Tune in for more marketing resources…

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