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3 rules for enhancing your martech stack like a pro

Discover the essential rules and cutting-edge strategies for pro-level marketing to elevate your game today
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Our marketing audience is always changing. We can’t rely on our settled brand loyalists to stay around forever, nor can we apply the same marketing strategies we had for Gen X to Gen Z.

Whether you’re a consumer brand actively working on capturing Gen Z’s attention, or a B2B business planning new ways to reach your decision-makers audience – we’re all thinking about how we will stay relevant.

The Dotdigital platform changes with you and your audience

We mean it when we say our platform is constantly evolving. At Dotdigital we typically have four big product launches a year. Each launch brings new functionality or improvements to much-loved existing features.

We work closely with customers and analyze market trends to determine what updates will take your marketing game to the next level (and beyond your competition). In addition, our team is always looking for ways to integrate with other technologies to make your martech stack even more powerful.

Want to know what we’re working on next? We have a public roadmap where you can even submit your own ideas (just click on the tab on the right side of the page). You can also sign up to be the first to hear about product updates, free resources, and other news here.

Now, let’s look at what rules we’re applying and what you can do within Dotdigital today to get ready.

Rule #1: Integrate your martech stack and bring all your data into one place

Integrating your martech stack and bringing all your customer data into one place is important for effective marketing. Every marketer can relate when I say it can take a lot of different tools to power the engine we call our marketing team. Depending on what works for your business you might be using a loyalty platform, a PowerBI tool, or a prospecting tool in addition to your main marketing platform.

The key is bringing it all together. Integrating your martech stack improves efficiency and allows you to get the most out of each technology – and it helps you save money.

New to the Dotdigital integration hub

In 2022, we expanded our new self-serve integration offering with some much-requested partners. In just a few clicks, you can integrate Dotdigital with Zendesk Sell, Google Sheets, Eventbrite, ZoomWebinar, Typeform, Trustpilot, and more. So whether you’re trying to better sync up with your sales team, or access your reporting data in Google Data Studio, we’ve got the integration for you.

Cross-account analytics for all your entire marketing function

For years, Dotdigital has been known to be a great fit for complex, global companies and our platform is adaptable to seamlessly integrate into any martech stack. Multiple business divisions, regions, or brands can easily be managed with our parent- and child-account setup.

Plus, with multi-language and multi-currency support, each account can be tailored to fit the team’s needs. Account analytics brings all of the data from your global marketing function into one dashboard. See which of your teams are performing best, use actionable insights to foster a cross-team learning culture, and easily track against business and growth objectives.

(Account analytics is also available for customers using a single Dotdigital account).

A chart illustrating the cross-account analytics of Dotdigital's martech stack

Rule #2: Know your customer like you know yourself

That’s a big statement, isn’t it? But for marketers, that’s what it’s all about. Understanding your audience to the point that you don’t have to think about when and what they’ll purchase next, or what you need to say for them to download that piece of content.

To go into this detail at scale is only possible when you have a platform to bring the pieces together. To help you on this mission, we’ve recently released some major updates to Dotdigital. 

Lookalike segments in your single customer view

Your single customer view (SCV) is where you dive into an individual customer’s story. You learn their engagement patterns and see persona characteristics at a glance. Besides using SCV to better understand your audience, we can now turn an individual customer into a marketing persona ready to use in your martech stack strategy. Create a segment that automatically pulls together all contacts who look, behave, and buy like the one you’re looking at.

A page showing the single customer view, martech stack on Dotdigital

Analytics for every address book

When you’ve already decided who you’re sending a campaign to and are working on getting the message just right, address book & segment analytics are ready to help on the job. New in 2022, address book analytics give you quick insights into your audience’s engagement, web, and commerce behavior. Use this knowledge to optimize the content in your campaign and ensure every message lands.

User-generated content in your campaigns

Your customers of today and tomorrow don’t shy away from putting time into researching a company before deciding to give it their time, money, or even attention. In fact, it’s now thoroughly ingrained in their decision-making process. This makes putting real customer reviews and user-generated content front and center in your marketing more important than ever. Dotdigital lets you pull your latest customer reviews into any campaign with integrations such as, Trustpilot, or Yotpo.

Rule #3: Meet your audience where they are

Forrester predicts that this year, up to 20% of your customers might be at risk. This a scary statistic for any marketer, but also one that can motivate us to plan ahead. We expect that tried-and-true marketing channels will take the front seat when creating customer retention strategies. At the same time, we want to use lead generation and retargeting more efficiently to address new audiences and future-proof our pipeline.

Lead generation with Facebook and TikTok

Acquiring future customers of the next generation is top of mind for consumer and B2B brands alike. With a new Facebook Lead ads integration, Dotdigital customers can expand their addressable marketing audience and instantly enroll new contacts into conversion-driving marketing programs. Combine this with a Zapier integration to TikTok Lead Generation and you’re all set for the next consumer wave.

Improved Facebook and Google audiences builder

Too many marketers lose money to the big ad networks without seeing any return. Why? Because they haven’t optimized it to only retarget customers who are yet to convert. With the latest Dotdigital update you’ll never have to worry about spending money where it’s no longer needed.

Not-to-be-missed notifications

There are few automations that drive as much revenue as one that gets triggered by explicit customer purchase intent. Abandoned cart campaigns are a well-established and unconquered winner here, a staple in every commerce marketer’s plan. (If you’re not on the AC train yet, I suggest you get on it, soon.)

Next up on the winner’s podium are product notifications set by the customer themselves. In 2022, we launched back-in-stock messages for our Shopify customers. With a customizable template that goes live on your storefront in minutes, you’ll never miss another purchase intent.

A pop-up notification showing Dotdigital's back-in-stock feature

Advanced revenue attribution

If there’s one thing we as marketers have in common, it’s the need to demonstrate the value our efforts have brought to the business. Advanced revenue attribution in Dotdigital helps you do just that. Multi-touch attribution assigns credit to each campaign in a customer’s journey.

You’ll not only get a better understanding of what touchpoints to improve and where to focus your time, but you’ll also be able to show how the full marketing lifecycle generates revenue for your company.

A pop-up notification showing assisted revenue tile in Dotdigital
Assisted revenue tile in Dotdigital

No doubt the new year will bring new challenges and surprises, but with the right technology and an agile mindset, we’re ready for it. All the items covered in this blog are ready to use today and integrating Dodigital into your martech stack will help you take your marketing game to the next level. Head to the what’s new page to read more about our releases, or go straight to the help center and follow the steps to start implementing the tactics now.

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