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What’s new: introducing MMS and generative AI updates

Discover our latest release with new WinstonAI™ features and the launch of MMS for North America.
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End your year on a high with Dotdigital’s latest release. Save even more time with brand new generative WinstonAI™ features, increase your cross-channel reach with the launch of MMS for North American audiences, and enhance your customer experience with advanced personalization for SMS. Let’s get into it.

Become your own editor with WinstonAI™

WinstonAI writing assistance

WinstonAI has been a hit with our customers since its launch. It is built into the Dotdigital platform to streamline the day-to-day tasks that come with cross-channel marketing and to lend a helping hand to busy marketers.

Our latest release builds on the existing features of WinstonAI to give you all of the tools you need to edit your copy – all from within the campaign builder.

New WinstonAI writing assistance

What is it?

WinstonAI now has new generative AI capability and can rewrite messages in a different tone, shorten or expand text, rephrase, and include emojis in text.

Why it’s important

Getting the tone and message right for your audience is crucial for campaign performance. WinstonAI is here to save you time and support you in this.

WinstonAI can change the tone of your message to friendly, professional, witty, heartfelt, empathetic, educational, funny, casual, urgent, or optimistic. If you want something to be rephrased you can ask WinstonAI to reword, improve readability, simplify, or summarize. You can also ask WinstonAI to expand or shorten your copy and to add relevant emojis.

What else is new?

WinstonAI new look

New iconography has been added throughout the Dotdigital platform to show you where WinstonAI powers insights and actions. Wherever you see the sparkle icon, WinstonAI is available.

Add more touchpoints with MMS for North America

MMS for North America

What is MMS?

MMS lets brands send visual messages to their customers via the same channel SMS uses. It boosts engagement and allows you to bring more color to what were previously simple SMS messages.

Why it’s important

Launching MMS capabilities for the United States and Canada gives any brand with customers in this region a new way to engage those customers, stand out from the crowd, and generate ROI. SMS is already super successful at engaging customers in this region, MMS takes this to the next level.

How it works

Dotdigital customers can now send multimedia content such as images and gifs to their customers in the US and Canada by using MMS. If you want to send MMS messages, speak to your Customer Success Manager who will be able to support you in getting set up. Once MMS has been activated in your account, you’ll see the SMS section in your lefthand navigation now reads SMS/MMS.

Engage with precision thanks to advanced personalization for SMS

Dotdigital's advanced SMS

What is advanced personalization for SMS?

Advanced personalization for SMS gives you all the benefits of Liquid, a flexible and dynamic markup language, to create highly personalized and targeted SMS content. Now including access to Insight data, this update expands the existing SMS personalization with contact data fields, such as customer names, to personalization with more intricate data, such as order and booking details.

Why it’s important

Great customer experiences stem from personalization. Advanced personalization for SMS gives you the ability to deliver uniquely tailored experiences to your customers, leading to better engagement, stronger brand loyalty, and improved conversion rates.

One example is abandoned cart recovery; you can now include a unique shopping cart link in your SMS campaign, directing online shoppers straight back to their abandoned cart. This both removes barriers to conversion and improves the overall customer experience.

How it works

The new advanced personalization editor makes it possible to include insight data using liquid markup. It allows for the creation of detailed SMS content to create powerful messages that are highly personalized to the recipient.

Other key updates

Dotdigital and FreshRelevance login

A seamless login experience for Fresh Relevance

Dotdigital acquired Fresh Relevance in September. Now, our joint customers can seamlessly switch between the Dotdigital and Fresh Relevance platforms without having to log in each time.

Dotdigital forms WordPress plug-in

An updated WordPress plug-in gives Dotdigital customers more options to integrate with their Content Management System (CMS). Dotdigital users can now integrate a Dotdigital form on any WordPress page. WooCommerce merchants can use this to implement beautifully designed data capture forms and popovers on their stores.

Improved UX login

You can now choose to disable the 90-day password rotation requirements on your account to give you better control over password rotation practices. This can be switched on or off down to child account level.

Track links from specific campaigns more easily with improved UTM link tracking capability built into the campaign builder. This gives you more precision and flexibility in your reporting – something especially useful for specific seasonal campaigns.

We’ve made some changes to the product recommendation rule side-panel so it’s easier for you to find the category or specific product type to display in your content.
Now, products can be filtered by a variety of ways to make them easier to find.

Not only can you filter by product attributes, but you can also search and select from your own categories, which have been synchronized from your store. This allows you to include or exclude particular products with ease and precision.

Dotdigital app homepage updates

We’ve made amends to the Dotdigital homepage to provide a better experience. You can now preview, test, and send emails and SMS campaigns quickly and easily directly from the Dotdigital homepage.

“New in store” product recommendations

Our latest ‘new in store’ product recommendation option helps your customers see what’s new in your store instantly. Ideal for busy sale periods when stock levels across older products may be low.

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