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The power of AI increased Rodalink Bike Store conversion rate by 252%

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In early 2023, Rodalink partnered with Dotdigital to upgrade its marketing automation capabilities with a focus on tracking results with transparency and ease. When selecting Dotdigital it needed more than just an average vendor, but a partner in marketing that would provide reliable support. Through Dotdigital’s guidance, Rodalink Bike Store has achieved phenomenal growth in its marketing automation programs.


Maintaining quality campaign creation amid a tech boom

With the growth and development in marketing tech, and the wide array of features and functionalities being added to automation platforms, it was a challenge for Rodalink Bike Store to maintain marketing-leading standards in its campaigns. Without a dedicated platform support team, the brand found it difficult to navigate and capitalize on its potential.

Additionally, it also encountered the common struggle of creating engaging subject lines and creative copy for campaigns across diverse markets. Ideas often ran out, and it was challenging to determine whether the campaign content was truly relevant and interesting to the target audience.


Platform onboarding and adaptation

Once Rodalink Bike Store partnered with Dotdigital, it was able to work with the expertise of its assigned Customer Success Manager and the Support team. This support played a critical role in guiding the team along the right direction by providing valuable insights and suggestions on relevant features that could enhance its existing marketing strategies.

What’s more, with Dotdigital Rodalink could easily track campaign results and other critical metrics from its homepage dashboard view. This helped the team gather and present data for internal meetings, where dashboard details were used in weekly performance reports.

Campaign creativity using WinstonAI™️

WinstonAI helped the brand overcome creative hurdles by providing useful suggestions and options that could improve open rates and click-through rates. The team utilized WinstonAI for both subject lines and content within Dotdigital’s email builder, receiving suggestions on how to enhance overall campaign content. While WinstonAI’s recommendations were offered in English, they were simple enough to be translated into Bahasa, making the content optimized for the audience of Rodalink Indonesia.

WinstonAI also suggested incorporating customer reviews and translating them as selling points in campaigns. In the spirit of A/B testing, the brand experimented with different call-to-action (CTA) phrases in its emails, such as “Check Service Fee” and “Our Location”, based on recommendations from WinstonAI to improve CTAs.


AI assistance generates impressive results

Thanks to Dotdigital’s insightful campaign dashboards and WinsonAI’s content creation suggestions, Rodalink Bike Store saw a 10% increase in web sessions from email and a whopping 252% increase in conversion rates for orders.

There was an increase of 54% in open rates using the subject line suggestions by WinstonAI, and through the CTA copy test, the brand found that its target audience was more compelled to click on “Check Service Fee” leading to an industry-surpassing 60% click-through rate.

Looking ahead

What Rodalink Bike Store learned

1. Willingness to adopt innovation will lead to success

Rodalink’s marketing success lies in its openness to embrace a culture of innovation by exploring the potential of AI through WinstonAI, and incorporating it into its marketing strategies. The team demonstrated a proactive approach in leveraging this feature, ultimately achieving incredible marketing metrics within remarkably short periods.

2. Brainstorm ideas with your vendor and implement suggested recommendations

By actively engaging with its Customer Success Manager and support team, Rodalink Bike Store not only navigated the platform effectively but also capitalized on suggested recommendations. The willingness to seek input, advice, and guidance from Dotdigital’s experts allowed it to enhance its marketing strategies. This collaborative approach ensured that it not only benefited from the platform’s features, but also implemented tailored recommendations, resulting in improved campaign creativity, engagement, and overall success.

Rodalink Bike Store, a subsidiary of PT Insera Sena (, is a leading bike manufacturer and seller in Indonesia for world-renowned Polygon Bikes. Established in 1997 as the first and largest bicycle retailer in Indonesia, the Rodalink Group has expanded into Singapore and Malaysia, offering various types of bikes, and cycling accessories across Southeast Asia.