Driving engagements with Dotdigital for Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • open rates

  • click-through rate

  • increase in event landing page visits

The Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS) is the world’s only professional body dedicated to the aerospace community. Together with Trillium, digital transformation experts, dotdigital have helped deliver better customer experiences to RAeS members through the right combination of strategy, digital, and CRM expertise.


The RAeS has a vast amount of data at its fingertips: 24,000 members, 400 events per year, and almost 300 corporate partners. Members include engineers, astronauts, entrepreneurs, designers, and students from across the globe – each with their own interests and preferences. The society’s business model relies heavily on membership revenue, so delivering targeted content and relevant communications that inspire members to renew is key.

Before moving to Dotdigital, the team would download lists from Dynamics 365 and manually import them into their then email platform. The society’s systems were disjointed, resulting in time-consuming processes.


The RAeS liaised with Dotdigital partner Trillium to implement Dotdigital for Microsoft Dynamics 365, along with an integrated preference center. The integration empowers the RAeS with faster, smarter marketing tools; the team is now able to sync its member database automatically, view key email analytics against contact records, and send valuable communications to relevant audiences. What’s more, targeted mailing lists can be created in CRM and synchronized across to Dotdigital – putting internal resources to better use.

Throughout the entire onboarding process and beyond, Trillium provided steadfast support – from automation program queries to marketing advice on how to utilize the platform in the best way possible.


Besides the optimization of internal resources, the move to dotdigital has helped the RAeS create and deliver more personalized event communicationsto its members. The increased relevancy of these messages has led to a healthy uplift in engagement. For example, the newly branded campaign templates have tripled click-through rates and increased event landing page traffic by 7%.

The RAeS now sees open rates of 35% vs. a 22% average for the non-profit sector. Click-through rates are also up from 2.5% to 4%.

As a result of dotdigital, Trillium, and the RAeS working together, the society now has a single view of its members, is able to deliver relevant communications for each persona, and has successfully improved levels of engagement, both in- and externally.