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Youngevity experiences a 7.7% conversion rate boost through personalization and automation strategies

  • Conversion rate increase

  • Average open rate

  • Increase in contacts

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Youngevity is a leading global online health and wellness business based in California. The company previously relied on Bronto for its email marketing needs. However, as Bronto’s services were coming to an end, Youngevity found itself in need of a new solution.

Youngevity has an impressive technology stack, which includes Yotpo Reviews, Google Sheets (to manage its campaigns and contacts), and integration with Annex Cloud. Because of this, Youngevity needed a platform that could further enhance its existing assets, integrate into its existing stack, and provide guidance and support to achieve its long-term goals.


Integrating with its existing technology stack

Youngevity needed a new platform that could help boost its return on investment (ROI) and support its global expansion. As the company offers a diverse range of products it needs a versatile platform capable of managing multiple customer journeys depending on individual email preferences and product purchases. Also, Youngevity wanted to optimize its customer journey and break down barriers that may prevent customers from making a purchase. This, in turn, would boost Youngevity’s revenue generation potential.

Youngevity was a small, but growing company with a passionate team. The company had big plans for the future and knew that it needed to invest in a platform that could help it achieve its goals. This platform needed to seamlessly integrate with Youngevity’s existing technology stack. It also required a platform that could provide team support and expert guidance to help create and execute long-term marketing plans.


Boosting revenue through abandoned browse and cart strategies

Youngevity partnered with Dotdigital’s Managed Services team to achieve its business goals. The brand’s primary goal was to increase its revenue, and with Dotdigital’s help, the company recognized two critical customer journeys that could help it achieve this objective. These journeys were the abandoned browse and abandoned cart strategies.

To implement these strategies, Youngevity first tracked user behavior on its website. With the help of Dotdigital’s team, the brand then implemented a sophisticated abandoned browse program. The program (included sent) triggered personalized emails to customers who had browsed through the website but had not made a purchase. To make the emails more effective, Youngevity used Dotdigital’s integration with Adobe Commerce (Magento) to include AI-powered product recommendations, which were tailored and personalized to each customer’s preferences. Over time, this approach enticed customers back to the Youngevity website, resulting in increased engagement and sales.

To further increase its ROI, Youngevity also implemented an abandoned cart strategy. This strategy involved sending a series of automated and personalized emails to customers who had added items to their cart but had not completed their purchase. These emails reminded customers of their abandoned items while offering incentives such as discounts or time-sensitive deals. This strategic implementation significantly increased cart recovery rates, ultimately leading to a substantial boost in overall ROI.

Thanks to the partnership with Dotdigital’s Managed Services team, Youngevity achieved its goals and grew its business. Through the brand’s persistent efforts, it created a seamless and personalized experience for its customers, resulting in increased engagement and sales.

About Youngevity

Youngevity is a global online business headquartered in California, serving customers across the Americas, EMEA, and APAC regions. The company is dedicated to providing its customers with the highest quality vitamins and supplements at unbeatable prices.

We found Dotdigital to be the perfect email marketing platform. Dotdigital offer data insights, integrations, and a user-friendly interface. The Dotdigital team's expertise and guidance have helped us grow email revenue significantly. Our partnership continues to succeed, and we look forward to achieving more success together in the future.”

Aliyah Hassan Kent, Director of Digital Product

Achieving success and growth with Dotdigital

Youngevity’s collaboration with Dotdigital has proven to be a successful partnership. By leveraging the platform’s advanced personalization and intelligent automation features, Youngevity was able to tailor its marketing approach based on its target audience. This resulted in a highly personalized strategy that ensured the right tone and content were used for each customer interaction.

The company experienced a 7.7% increase in customer conversion rates. Additionally, Youngevity witnessed a 39% average year-over-year open rate boost, which is a significant improvement in customer engagement. These positive outcomes are a testament to the effectiveness of Youngevity’s personalized approach to customer engagement.

Moreover, Dotdigital’s new user interface updates and unified contacts provided Youngevity with enhanced customer data analysis and order predictions. This allowed Youngevity to better understand its customers and their needs, leading to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. With these tools, Youngevity can now efficiently analyze customer data and identify trends, which can be used to make informed business decisions and develop more effective marketing strategies.

Looking ahead

Enhancing customer experience and expanding marketing channels

Youngevity aims to make its data collection process more user-friendly and efficient. The company plans to refine its preference center using Dotdigital surveys, pages, and forms. Customers will be able to select the information they want and subscribe only to that. This approach will allow Youngevity to offer a more personalized and customized experience to its customers.

Youngevity plans to enhance its automation efforts and continue to work closely with Dotdigital’s Managed Services team. Together, they aim to create a personalized welcome series for customers and distributors, which will provide an introduction to Youngevity and its products. This enhanced series will be achieved through advanced personalization, increased automation, and tagging campaigns to monitor daily suppressions.

Furthermore, Youngevity plans to integrate SMS marketing into its overall marketing strategy. This marketing strategy will be used primarily for new product launches and significant events. With Dotdigital’s advanced personalization and automation capabilities, Youngevity is well-positioned to engage its customers more effectively and grow its business.