Each campaign tells a story. Discover yours with real-time results for every metric that matters to your business.

Optimize your performance

Reporting benefits
  • Actionable. Use campaign & testing results to constantly learn and improve.
  • Track. Discover the content that engages your audience best.
  • Adaptability. Quickly change and adopt new tactics when results start to dip.
  • Analyze. See your results in easy visuals across campaigns and accounts.

Campaign reports

Inform your decision-making with personalized insight and exportable data

Activity overview

Get every campaign you’ve ever sent - and their most important metrics - all in one place, for easy analysis.

Campaign comparisons

Never miss a trick or skip a success. Track your email marketing progress with surface-level comparison stats.


Keep reports organized with clutter-free functionality. Create and manage folders, and ping your most successful creatives straight to your template library.

Customized reporting

Got a specific set of metrics you want to compare? Set these requirements as your default for speedier reporting.

ROI tracking

Grow your ecommerce business with ROI conversion rate tracking. We code it, you enable it–and the insight floods in.

Reporting overviewCampaign comparisonsReportingCustomisable reportingROI tracking

Drill-down reports

20 drill-down reports provide deeper insights for the wider picture

Headline stats

Get the metrics behind the top headlines from each campaign, from client share to click-to-open rate.

Commerce Intelligence

Bring all your store purchases under one roof, with views, clicks, revenues and even RFM persona data, in your own commerce intelligence dashboard. 


Find your most engaged region with geo-mapping, and drill down into detailed reports for any chosen range.


Easily harvest interaction data with clean and customizable charts, from click statistics to link hotspotting.


Understand what's working and where you need to improve. Check in with your delivery metrics, like bounces and unsubscribes. 

Headline statisticsQuickly see all your store purchases, views, clicks, revenues and RFM data on a dashboardGeo-mapping reportsInteraction reportingDeliverability reporting

Advanced tracking

Discover more by applying insight filters to your contacts

Address book

Want to see how customers from your events, global, or VIP address book responded to your campaign? Filter by any relevant folder.


Filter reports by specific segments to track their impact on your opens, clicks, and conversions.

Dynamic content

Track the engagement of your dynamic content variations to see how your personalization paid off.

Split test variation

Protect your ROI with testing. Reap the rewards of your A/B variations with split test-specific filters.

Link grouping

Track your brand’s hottest link groups and drive engagement to the right places.

Address bookSegment reportingDynamic content reportingSplit test reportingLink grouping reporting

Taking it further

Have the numbers to hand whenever you need them

Google Analytics

Make your tracked pages work harder with GA reports accessible from every campaign overview page.

Account reporting

See the collective story of all your campaigns for ultimate comparative insight. You can even track the popularity of your marketing preferences from here. It’s all at your fingertips.

Shareable reports

Get ready to boss your marketing meeting! Print any report with one click to share your insight with your team members.

Google AnalyticsAccount-level reportingShareable reports

Engagement Cloud benefits at a glance

  • Design stylish emails effortlessly with our drag-and-drop tool
  • Leverage our automation tool to create multichannel lifecycle programs
  • Unlock customer engagement with SMS messaging
  • Synchronize data seamlessly from your CRM or ecommerce store
  • Use insight to craft relevant content and create powerful segments
  • Maximize sales and ROI with data-driven messages
  • Trigger push messages and re-targeting ads for extended brand reach
  • Harness AI to send personalized product recommendations

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