Testing and tracking

Sometimes it can be hard figuring out why one email has performed significantly better than another. What was so special about it?

Was it the topic? The layout? Did you have more pictures? Fewer pictures?

The only way to find out is to test and track your emails, to uncover the secrets behind engaging your customers. Our latest cheatsheet includes a breakdown of the testing you can, and should, be doing, as well as the key metrics you should be looking at to measure exactly how successful you are.

Download the Testing and tracking cheatsheet to learn:

  • Start testing your emails, trying new things you never knew were possible
  • Discover new ways you can track your campaigns, to measure the things that really matter
  • Get a better understanding of what your keeps your customers engaged with and build campaigns based on this insight
  • Keep coming back to this checklist to keep your emails fresh and relevant


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