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7 surprising WhatsApp stats for your business

With over 1 billion more users and counting flocking to the app since 2014, WhatsApp is not a channel your business can afford to miss out on. As the fastest...

With over 1 billion more users and counting flocking to the app since 2014, WhatsApp is not a channel your business can afford to miss out on. As the fastest growing communication channel on the planet, here are some WhatsApp stats that will stand out in your mind. Perhaps as much as a message on this channel to your customers will stand out in theirs.

Firstly… What can you do with WhatsApp for business?

With WhatsApp for business, you can show your customers how much you prioritize their needs. Give them an exceptional user journey, buffered with useful and valuable alerts, reminders and notifications that will make your brand stand out in their minds. Or engage and convert more consumers than ever, by opening a new channel for your inbound campaigns.

WhatsApp stats – the numbers

Reach your customers globally. Check out these mindblowing WhatsApp stats:

WhatsApp was purchases in 2014 for a whopping $19 billion

Facebook saw the writing on the wall. Today, as the most popular chat app in the world, WhatsApp is quickly proving its value. To customers and businesses alike.

WhatsApp is live in over 109 countries

And indeed the number one favoured app in many of them, including every country in the continent of South America, in India, Spain, Germany, Great Britain, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, South Africa, Nigeria and many more powerful economies.

WhatsApp has 450 million daily active users

Or in other words, at least 16% of the world’s population are on WhatsApp every single day.

WhatsApp has more monthly active users globally than any other app (1.5 billion)

The first app to come even close to this is from WhatsApp parent’s company. The Facebook Messenger app boasts a still impressive 1.3 billion.

WhatsApp sees 60 billion messages sent per day

And while WhatsApp is opening up its business messaging APIs, it’s worth noting the figure of 10 billion. This is how many messages are sent between customers and businesses on Facebook Messenger alone. WhatsApp, the darling of Facebook, with even more users, will no doubt blow this figure out of the water in 2019.

WhatsApp gives you 24 hours to market

While you wont be able to send outbound marketing messages at scale using WhatsApp (just like sister app Facebook Messenger), you will be able to reply to inbounds with marketing offers and information for 24 hours. This conversational style of commerce will no doubt set the tone for business messaging as we head into the third decade of the 21st century.

WhatsApp enjoys over 50% penetration in over 10 countries

When you consider the varying demographics and the variety of consumer preferences, this is a WhatsApp stat that has stayed with us since first hearing it. Clearly this is a channel that has broad appeal for your customers.

More WhatsApp stats that might surprise you…

How effective is WhatsApp as a business channel?

With chat agents able to handle six times more enquiries than call centre staff, messaging is a solution that pays for itself.
How quickly can you get started?

Start the integration process today and set up your verified WhatsApp business profile. Start sending in a test environment immediately and be ready before your competitors.

How much experience do we have with WhatsApp’s APIs?

With over 17 years of experience in business messaging and APIs, let dotdigital handle the integration and guide you through the message requirements. Our technology also offers automated channel fallback options to make sure you message reaches as many users as possible. Fallback to SMS or other channels, all with one send.

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