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4 benefits of targeted email marketing

Email marketing tactics have changed significantly in recent years thanks to advances in technology. But one thing that hasn’t changed is the importance of targeted email marketing. Sending one message to your entire marketing database isn’t enough.

Consistently sending the same message will eventually damage your brand reputation, increase unsubscribes, and ultimately hold up conversions. Sales will dip and profits will suffer. All because you failed to engage customers enough.

Targeted emails don’t have to be complicated hyper-personalized works of art.  You don’t need teams of top designers, professional copywriters, and endless reams of customer data to achieve it. Every brand has the ability to send targeted marketing, all they need is a marketing automation platform.

What is targeted email marketing?

We all know that email marketing is the most successful channels available to marketers today. Email marketing offers an ROI of $42 for every $1 spent. But that’s just the beginning of what’s possible.

You can significantly improve your ROI, sales, and profits by adopting targeted email marketing.

Targeted email marketing is a way of ensuring your emails make an impact in the inbox. Using information you already hold on your customers, you can send tailored messages to specific sets of subscribers. You target them.

Based on interests, age, gender, and more, you should be segmenting and personalizing your email marketing. This will ensure it’s engaging and relevant for your audience.

4 benefits of targeted email marketing

1. Improve relevancy

Segmentation ensures you’re sending a more relevant message to your audience.

It should be standard practice for marketers to collect information about new subscribers as part of your welcome program. You should be regularly prompting customers to update their marketing preferences. This helps you get to know your customers

Customers who receive relevant content are more likely to engage with your email marketing efforts. They’re more likely to click and convert because targeted emails appeal to their goals and offer value to them.

Segmentation is an essential and under-utilized email marketing tactic. But, the more you segment and target your audiences, the more impressive your results will be.

Benefit of targeted marketing - relevancy

2. Increase ROI

Targeted emails will appeal to more customers because they deliver the right message at the right time. When you deliver relevant messages, engaged readers will convert faster. And more conversions mean more revenue.

If you know that customers are interested in a specific product range, target them with specific deals that will appeal to them. Even basic segmentation such as age and gender can have a significant effect on your ROI. Marketers can enjoy ROI increases of up to 760% when they send targeted, segmented campaigns.

Benefits of targeted marketing - revenue

3. Better relationships

We’ve already mentioned that improved relevancy in your emails will demonstrate your brand’s value to the customer. In the long term, it’ll also have a positive impact on your overall relationship with subscribers.

When you know your customers and segment and personalize your emails accordingly, customers will hold your marketing in higher regard. By regularly sending relevant content, customers will develop high expectations from your emails.

The more you meet – and exceed – these expectations, the more their trust and respect for your brand will increase.

Benefits of targeted email - customer relationships

4. Longer retention

Targeted email marketing not only makes building relationships with subscribers easier; it also makes retaining them simpler too.

The experience you deliver through segmenting and personalizing your email marketing will encourage them to return. Customer retention is about developing your relationship with potential and existing customers. When you’re consistently learning about your audience and optimizing your campaigns, you ensure they stay engaged and are getting value from your emails.

Shoppers who value your experiences will seek you out, in and out of the inbox. If you’re able to replicate these experiences into your omnichannel marketing, they’ll think about you first, every time.

Benefits of targeted email marketing - retention

Optimize for ultimate success

Customers’ needs and goals change every time they convert. That’s why optimization is essential. As well as frequently prompting customers to update their marketing preferences, you should be checking up on your marketing metrics.

Opens, click-through rates, and ROI will give you a clear picture of what tactics are engaging your customers. Adjust and amend your campaigns to reflect the direction your customers are taking.

For more top tips and tactics to improve your email marketing, check out our free marketing resources.

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