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Glittering examples of marketing excellence: dotties winners revealed

What a spectacular night! Congratulations to all the winners – your trophies were well deserved. The panel of judges, everyone at dotdigital, and fellow attendees commend your superb marketing efforts in what’s been a challenging year.
dotdigital’s annual customer and partner awards ceremony got off to a smashing start; the much-celebrated comedian Romesh Ranganathan and our very own Gavin Laugenie jointly hosted an action-packed night of celebration and entertainment.
They both commanded the stage with hilarious flair – our virtual attendees in fits of laughter – before handing over the reins to DJ Kaos. Attendees networked and socialized in our afterparty rooms; where digital illusionist Keelan Leyser’s show left us spellbound, while award-winning mixologist Jack Sotti showed us how to mix the now-famous ‘dotties’ cocktail like a pro.

The awards

Connecting with customers all over the world – spanning Australasia, Europe, and America – 18 awards were up for grabs. Our panel of distinguished judges cast their votes for customers and partners exhibiting a whole host of marketing tactics in a range of categories: from best use of data to omnichannel, B2C and B2B accolades as well as regional recognition. This year we included best crisis-communication campaign to reflect the added pressure on both marketers and customers, which was the most submitted category for which we received many outstanding submissions. What were we looking for?
  • Clearly defined marketing problem
  • Creativity and imagination
  • Innovative solution with demonstrable results
Thank you to all our customers and partners – for your amazing work in such an unpredictable year. And without further ado, let’s take a look at our winners:

The winners

Best crisis-communication campaign

Being there for customers when times are tough WINNER: Jo Jo Maman Bébé | for promoting a digital potty training event via email
“Cute execution of email and clearly resonates with the brand.” “Clear campaign objectives – execution considerations in terms of online event comfort and clear audience segmentation for relevance.” “Great success metrics.” JUDGES’ COMMENTS

Best use of data

For mastery in data-driven marketing WINNER: Power Components | for its reactivation campaign using RFM
“Clear objective and approach. Use of RFM as well as product data to add maximum value to the content…” “Shows a customer-first approach to the data planning which no doubt supported the reactivation rates you saw.” JUDGES’ COMMENTS

Most advanced automation

Inspiring others to work smarter with automation WINNER: Action for Children | for its virtual sleepout fundraising event ‘boycott your bed’
“A very well thought through campaign and event. You had a stream for each type of customer which is great. And the use of SMS to maintain engagement was a great addition to the overall campaign. Well done on such a good job!” JUDGES’ COMMENTS

Favorite omnichannel campaign

WINNER: British Heart Foundation | for its national pollution awareness campaign ‘you’re full of it’
“Nice, clear, well thought out creative, not to mention a good use of personalization across multiple channels to deliver the message.” JUDGES’ COMMENTS

Outstanding email creative

Recognizing original and visual creative talent WINNER: Southampton Football Club | for its new kit launch with arcade-style gamification
“Great idea, great copy, and clearly know their target market well.” JUDGES’ COMMENTS

Leading B2B campaign

Crafting messages that drive the right action WINNER: Iress | for its multichannel campaign leading prospects down the sales funnel
“A great strategically focused multichannel campaign, where email has been instrumental in driving results.” JUDGES’ COMMENTS

Leading B2C Campaign

Marketing that knocks your customers’ socks off WINNER: Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew | for its welcome email and personal content journey
“Email is very clean in look and feel, very easy to absorb the key info and makes great use of the wealth of images available.” “Fantastic creative that works well across all devices – with the added bonus of generating unexpected revenue. Good insight of performance across a range of measures.” JUDGES’ COMMENTS

Most impressive ecommerce campaign

Dressed to impress, cutting through the clutter WINNER: Tile Giant | for its customer engagement workflows driving web traffic and conversions
“Wonderful to see the leap of faith into automation has paid off! Especially for an industry that hasn’t understood its value in far too long! Nice work!” “Great to see the power of automation when messaging and promotions are tested. Great work.” JUDGES’ COMMENTS

Inspiring not-for-profit campaign

Meaningful marketing helping others in need WINNER: Action for Children | for its virtual sleepout fundraising event ‘boycott your bed’
“Achieved strong results – particularly given the world was changing quickly and it was hard to get attention. Good work.” JUDGES’ COMMENTS

Best partner in APAC

Shared success in common goals WINNER: Jumpstart Commerce
High number of opportunities that have converted in the Asia-Pacific region and commitment to showcasing customers the value of dotdigital.” JUDGES’ COMMENTS

Best use of dotdigital in APAC

Customer engagement at its best WINNER: Visit Victoria | for its multichannel ‘Click for Vic’ campaign promoting home-delivered local produce from Victoria
“Slick use of marketing automation to drive impressive sales leads for local businesses. Nice use of personalization across integrated channels – awesome stuff!” “A comprehensive entry. They made use of pretty much all the platform has to offer – including retargeting via Facebook and Google when email isn’t as effective.” JUDGES’ COMMENTS

Best partner in Americas

A strong partnership yielding real results WINNER: Kadro
“A broad collaboration of high-value opportunities where both dotdigital and Kadro have driven wins in the Americas region. Both partners work hand in hand to deliver the best customer service resulting in a satisfied and loyal mutual customer base.” SUPPORTING COMMENTS

Best use of dotdigital in Americas

Curating memorable customer experiences WINNER: NEST New York | for its automated and personalized post-purchase program
“Curating an aftersales program based on overall fragrance experience is as customer-centric as it gets.” “Great use of order data to deliver useful information in the way of personal care, which demonstrates both value for the customer and brand expertise. Including relevant product recommendations post-purchase also drove positive engagement rates. Well done.” JUDGES’ COMMENTS

Best partner in EMEA

Working smarter and better together WINNER: ISM eCompany
“Great number of net new clients in a short period of time. Ultimately, ISM eCompany was able to tailor an email proposition that its customers couldn’t refused. Great expertise of Dutch ecommerce and Magento is an added bonus. Awesome work.” SUPPORTING COMMENTS

Best partner in UK & Ireland

Taking effective partnership to a new level WINNER: Tryzens
“Referred mutual client wins and a seamless collaboration make dotdigital and Tryzens a winning team. Both partners work together to provide value solutions for brands all over the world, helping them grow their business further.” SUPPORTING COMMENTS

Best use of dotdigital in EMEA

An exemplar of customer lifecycle marketing WINNER: Mamas & Papas | for its first major product launch campaign in five years
“Inspiring content and imagery which reinforce the tagline message of the campaign. Excellent execution along with social targeted messages for those who engaged with email or on site, but hadn’t yet converted. Smart communication across multiple touch-points – great work!” SUPPORTING COMMENTS

Rising star

Empowering your brand with dotdigital WINNER: Emily Bennett | for her smart re-engagement efforts and boosting revenue at Ordnance Survey
“All round great marketer, love how she’s proved focusing on content drives revenue.” “Very impressive.” “Demonstration of an incredibly resilient and creative email marketer – an inspiration.” JUDGES’ COMMENTS

Marketing team of the year

The ultimate trailblazing team WINNER: Lawrence & Hanson | for its multichannel and data-driven personalization
“Incredible revenue figures from focusing on customer loyalty specifically.” “Smart use of automation programs across multiple channels driving significant customer value – which is reflected in the highly positive performance metrics. Overall, the best use of the platform in terms of value output and returns.” JUDGES’ COMMENTS

A big thank you again to all our winners, short-listers, and attendees. We hope you had an awesome time – see you next year! Psst! Keep a close eye on our customers area, which will soon showcase case studies from the 2020 dotties winners.
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