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Improve your application completion rates

The need to improve application completions is a common problem. Whether you are a financial company trying to guide customers through the loan application process or a recruitment agency simply trying to find the right candidate, you see plenty of people start their journey on your site but for some reason, not many finish and get to hit submit. But there is a way to improve application completions, and it’s easier than you think to implement.

Facebook Messenger for alerts, reminders and notifications

Facebook Messenger is a great channel to use for sending operational, transactional messages. Already, we’re seeing how companies are supplementing or forgoing apps in favour of using Messenger. Unlike push notifications, companies can see if the notification has been read. Customers can also reply to the message if they need additional support. Combined with the engaging nature of this fun and rich channel and high adoption rates of 1.4 billion and counting, this makes Messenger the perfect channel to use for guiding your customers to improve application completions.

Improve application completions for vacancies

Problem: As a recruitment agency, it’s your business to gather as much information as possible from applicants. After all, if your clients ask for something, you want to have it to hand. But this can make application processes long and sometimes arduous for candidates. Or maybe you are a large company who handles recruitment internally and sees a lot of traffic, but not many completed applications.

Cause: It’s possible candidates are filling out applications on the move, which makes having the necessary documents or information to hand tricky. It may be that they need a break from the application or get distracted by a task at home or at work. Or, they might have a question about the application, or can’t continue due to a technical area.

Solution: More than likely, you are already getting users to create an account. This is useful so they can revisit their applications and save their progress. Simply add an additional step. Include a button that opts them in to Facebook Messenger updates. Briefly explain the value of this, that it will prompt them on additional steps needed to complete their application, such as a passport number, reference contact details, or a proof of citizenship or address.

Users will also be able to reply to these updates. For instance, let’s say they can’t complete an application due to a bug on the site or they are missing a document. Later, they receive an alert to say their application is still in progress. Users can easily reply to the message to let you know about an issue they are having. You can also use Facebook Messenger to alert them about upcoming deadlines, new vacancies, or if they have been successful in their application.

Improve application completions for loans, mortgages, credit cards or overdrafts

Problem: As a financial company, you require a lot of information in order to process an application for a loan, mortgage or overdraft and assess eligibility. But while you see a number of applicants begin your applications, there are a low number completing.

Cause: Much like recruitment candidates, it’s possible your applicants are on the go. This makes it unlikely that they would have everything with them necessary to complete the application. There may be complicated or ambiguous financial terminology applicants are confused by. There could be a number of roadblocks you haven’t considered or are unaware of. Consumers are today empowered by both technology and a wealth of choice for their buying decisions. Without giving your customers a way to speak with you, you will never know what these roadblocks are. They will simply go elsewhere.

Solution: Include the opt-in button to Facebook Messenger updates early on in your application process. This way, you will be able to handle any issues your users are having when they reply to your updates or prompts. This will also give them access to their own adviser who can help guide them through the application. Not only does this improve the likelihood of completion, it also provides an exceptional customer experience.

You can also use Facebook Messenger to improve application completions for:

  • student enrollment
  • housing lets
  • legal matters
  • and more.

Any industry who has a consumer base that might require a nudge or feedback to complete an objective or goal will benefit from incorporating Facebook Messenger to their messaging strategy.

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