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Paperchase engages customers with birthday scratchcards

Paperchase celebrated its fifty-year anniversary with a fun and engaging scratch-card promotion.

Paperchase is the UK’s #1 shopping spot for exciting and innovative design-led stationary. For over 50 years, the brand has inspired audiences with stylish stationery, unique greeting cards, distinctive gifts, as well as quality art and craft materials.

In 2018, Paperchase celebrated its fifty-year anniversary with a fun and engaging scratch-card promotion. The aim of the occasion was to capture valuable data and acquire more customers.

Email address continues to be a key data asset for Paperchase. To incentivize customers to exchange this and other details like first name, nearest store, and transaction ID, an instant reward was offered. The prizes ranged from £5 off your next online order to 50% off in store.

Scratchcard winners received various prizes that they could redeem their online (with an add-to-cart function) or in store using their unique voucher code.

Acquire, engage, reward

The colorful scratch cards were distributed at points of sale. Once customers scratched to uncover their prize, they were directed to an odicci micro-site, hosted within Paperchase’s Magento ecommerce environment. Here, they could redeem their prize by entering both their code and personal data: first name, email address, nearest store, and transaction ID.

The data-capture form had omnichannel capabilities; Paperchase could reach customers wherever they were and connect engagements across all touchpoints. Gating the content was another great tactic to incentivize customers to unlock their prize. The landing page could be conveniently published anywhere across web, ecommerce, and social media pages.

Once data had been captured, it would then flow from odicci into Dotdigital, merging or updating any existing contact records with new, valuable information. Profiles were enriched with demographic data, multichannel behaviors, interests, and order histories. Then, in Dotdigital, Paperchase could harness this insight to deliver even more targeted and engaging campaigns.

Rewarding engagement is a conversion-driver

The campaign was hugely successful, generating over 5,000 opt-ins (20%). odicci technology provided Paperchase with granular reporting to gauge the campaign’s performance. This included hourly reporting on impressions and the devices used; over 50% were on mobile.

What were the success factors of the anniversary campaign?

  • Data set – tight focus on asking the right amount of relevant data.
  • Staff – working closely with stores to ensure the program’s success.
  • Trigger – including prizes that would be valued by customers.
  • Footfall – evaluate the expected footfall to implement the right program.

The success of interactive content hinges on several things: giving customers control; making it personal; rewarding instantaneously; storytelling; and creating omnichannel experiences. Safe to say, Paperchase successfully made a buzz about their 50th birthday and adopted a creative approach in celebrating with customers.


ODICCI’s interactive marketing platform enables users to create unique experiences to drive customer loyalty. Users can create, test and measure experiences with zero development skills required. The insights generated from experiences can be used to better target customers.


Dotdigital empowers marketers to harvest and connect customer insights, deliver meaningful engagements across all channels, and unlock ROI.

odicci and Dotdigital work together to help clients engage their customers and drive loyalty.

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