Taking our Hitting the Mark findings on the road

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We started the Dotlives in 2015 – nearly seven years ago. The idea was to bring our content alive and create an event which delivered inspirational information, which our customers could take away with them and implement straight into their businesses. The events are one our most popular events. We used to run at least one or two, and sometimes even four, a month if the demand was there.

Like many other events, our Dotlives were put on hold for the last couple of years. In June 2022 we were extremely excited to start them up again in person and we made the decision to take them on the road, so we could see as many of our customers as possible – we had missed you!

Over the space of five weeks we travelled to four different cities across the UK to meet and engage with marketers, all hungry to learn how they can level-up their marketing strategies. We travelled to Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, and finally the big one in London.

Off we went, armed with an inspirational session packed with digital marketing tactics presented by our top Dotdigital speakers and special guests. We also had our in-house specialists there to provide crucial platform insights and training.


Dotdigital present to crowd in light office



Hitting the Mark

The big highlight was the presentation on our Hitting the Mark report.

Shifting consumer habits in the last few years have placed a higher demand on brands around the world. The industry has faced a period of unprecedented growth and we summarized our key findings in the presentation, we talked through:

  • What 100 global brands are doing to deliver exceptional customer experience
  • How to create stunning emails with tips you can take-away and put to use straightaway
  • What you need to do to deliver faster and more relevant cross-channel marketing
  • Real-world examples from our most detailed report yet

And we even got in a ton of face-to-face networking. It was good to be back.

Crowd networking at our Birmingham event

We realized that explaining what you need to do wasn’t quite enough. So we decided to take our expert trainers on the road as well, so that they could show the audience exactly how to action all of the insights we had learnt through the Hitting the Mark report.

The trainers energetically took the audience through segmentation, web insights, order insights, segment analytics, personalization, examples of excellent welcome series programs, post-purchase programs, and so much more – it’s pretty safe to say it was a hit!

Manchester - 9th June 2022

This was the first of our in-person Dotlive Roadshow events. We hadn’t hosted a Dotlive since February 2020 so we were hoping we weren’t going to be too rusty.

Manchester was a great place to start as it is a special city for us, not only do we have a bustling Dotdigital office there, we have loads of great customers and partners based there. We loved seeing you all again.

A big thank you to More2 who joined us at the event to talk through seven key ways that retailers are creating competitive advantages from their customer data.

Delegates watch a presentation in our bright Manchester office

Birmingham - 16th June 2022

Anyone enjoy a cinema setting complete with popcorn for a morning seminar? We took over the Everyman cinema in Birmingham for this Dotlive and we had a blast. Even the comfy sofa seats didn’t distract from the inspiration being delivered in the presentations.

Networking was a big hit, meeting like-minded folks is a huge part of why we put on these events.

Delegates sit in cinema seating to watch our presentation

Bristol - 29th June 2022

Bristol was a dream, it is a beautiful city, full of beautiful people.

We hosted a super lively panel debate with the audience at this event, which soon turned into a collective conversation with a ton of learning for everyone.

Thank you to our partners Fresh Relevance who delivered incredible insight into how to prevent customers from switching brands.

Bristol – we’ll be back!

The Dotdigital team take questions in Bristol

London - 6th July 2022

We welcomed our customers to our office with spectacular views, a warm croissant, and a cuppa. Once everyone was settled we began our inspirational session packed with digital marketing tactics, presented by our top Dotdigital speakers and special guests. With our in-house specialists on hand to provide platform insights and training.

Another huge thank you to our partners StrategicIQ who came along to speak, talking us though eight takeaway tips for thinking customer first.

Thank you so much to everyone who attended it was so good to see you!

Attendees sitting down at our Dotlive

That's a wrap

We have loved being on the road, networking face to face once again with friends old and new. Thank you to all who attended, our events wouldn’t be the same without our fantastic customers always bringing insightful questions and sparking thoughtful conversations.

Keep an eye on our events page to stay up to date with our upcoming events, we hope to see you soon.

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