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Why now is the time for interactive email

Interactive email: the perfect way to capture the attention of your customers in the inbox. And in these times, it’s not just the right time for it, it’s essential to compete for the times right now!

Finally. Some light at the end of the tunnel with vaccines on the horizon! But no matter what lies ahead for us globally, the quickening shift to online in ecommerce and beyond isn’t shifting back to reverse. The increase in online engagement with more email opens and online orders that we’ve seen in the past *checks calendar*  ten months is a symptom that (fortunately!) won’t fade.

Customers that were already online are online more than ever – a habit that will be hard to kick. Not only that, but they are buying online more than ever, embracing the convenience that ecommerce brings to them as shoppers. Then you have a whole other segment of customers who went online for the first time ever, perhaps out of necessity, but are now full-fledged converts with the subscribes to prove it.

Enter interactive email

What does all of this have to do with interactive email? Let me explain. It’s great news that your online engagement is on the up. But it’s a benefit being enjoyed by your competitors as much as you. In order to get ahead, you’ll need to employ some tactics that will truly amaze. Interactive email is sure to get the wows and ‘buy nows’ that you want.

You may have read our Head of Product Management, Michael Duxbury, talk about AMP for email (which powers our interactive email service) in a recent blog. In it, Michael explains the three services that are on offer to Dotdigital customers. All three allow your recipients to truly interact with your email marketing, taking email engagement to a whole other level.


The Showcase templates add another dimension to your emails. They allow your customers to browse products, events, services, or articles in a side-by-side, carousel manner that reminds me of the good old days of looking through shirts on a rail in an actual store.


Then you have Discovery. If you’ve seen the benefits of personalization to your marketing tactics, or want to do more personalization but don’t yet have the data, this is for you. The Discovery templates allow customers to select a certain preference, let’s say, menswear over womenswear, summer destinations over winter, or recent articles instead of most viewed. What your recipient clicks on will dictate the content they view and can interact with in the email. This is something we’re used to in browsers of course, but will delight customers in your emails.


Finally, there is a Capture, a really clever way to get your marketing preferences sussed. Allow users to opt in to what they want to hear about and tell you their preferences without ever needing to leave their email. Remember, the more data a customer provides you, the more you’ll be able to personalize and better cater content for them. The Capture templates will increase the likelihood of this data capture and subsequent success, simply by making it easy for your customers to tell you about themselves.

Get started with interactive email

Speaking about making life easy, we are offering interactive email (powered by AMP for email) as a white glove service for you. After consultation to discuss your needs for your campaign, creative services handle the creation and implementation of the interactive email.

We do it this way because an approval process needs to take place with Google for every interactive AMP email sent, and it’s not something we expect our customers to worry about! Interactive email is also normally a very code-heavy process, and as a software-first platform, we didn’t want to put the burden of tech development on customers such as yourself. Having creative services handle everything is our solution for both of these would-be hurdles.

Learn more about interactive email powered by AMP with a personalized demo to discuss your needs more and see it for yourself!

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