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Benefits of our communication APIs

An enterprise grade, high-speed programmable platform

  • The power to converse on consumer-relevant channels, like WhatsApp, SMS, RCS or Facebook Messenger
  • Secure multi-cloud architecture for real-time global communications
  • Use APIs to easily and securely access all your communication data
  • Tech teams can integrate our APIs quickly and easily using the latest technologies
  • Schedule data imports and exports, and automate via API
  • Supercharge your CRM, website, and back office systems with easy integration
  • Automate communications across multiple channels with auto-fallbacks
  • Sample code, SDKs, and tutorials make every integration a breeze
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Communication API use cases

Engagement Cloud enables brands of every vertical to delight their customers

Delivery notification

Notify customers that their parcel is ready for collection

Utility alerts

Send time-critical alerts about outages, or reminders to submit meter readings


Notify customers when an item they were interested in is back in stock

Booking platforms

Connect customers to sales agents to ask questions about reservations

Gaming re-engagement

Re-engage app users with a message to get them back to the game

Travel reminders

Remind customers about upcoming trips or appointments, or to check-in online

Powerful API capabilities

Easy communication with your customers anywhere in the world

Sending is simple

Cpaas - Sending | dotdigital

Use the Engagement Cloud APIs to send messages on your preferred channel, at scale, and at hyper speed.

Whether you want to send one message or one million, via SMS, or the very latest messaging app, to one country, or hundreds, our messaging APIs empowers you to deliver with confidence.

Messages can be sent in real time, as they occur, as single post event, or batched for your convenience.

Take control of your data

CpaaS Receiving - Take control of your data | dotdigital

Receive inbound messages, delivery and status information and profile changes in real time with our powerful webhooks.

Use webhooks to serve up all the data you want into an existing platform or BI tool. Our webhooks allows you to subscribe to the events that you are interested in, making sure you are in control.

Understand more

Powerful API capabilities - Profile: Understanding more | dotdigital

Receive, store and harness all the data you need on customer communications to better inform your business, increasing engagement and conversion. Armed with message history, device type, name, contact details and any custom fields that are relevant to your operations, your business will be able to have immediately meaningful and relevant interactions. Easily update and integrate profile data, and receive real-time updates from your system by subscribing to events via our webhooks.

Work smarter with data driven insight

Powerful API capabilities - Reporting: Work smarter with data driven insight CPaaS | dotdigital

It’s crucial to be able to understand that your integrations are performing as expected. Every API customer gets access to our full reporting suite. If you need greater insight, you can configure webhooks to feed data to your existing analytics system.

Develop faster

CPaaS Developer friendly | dotdigital

Our unique developer tools help you to build, test and analyse message content and status. The tools let you instantly gain access to see your JSON requests and responses. Unlike many other platforms, we give you access to analytics enabling you to easily monitor and analyse messaging performance so that you gain the insight to develop with more confidence in less time.

Communicate with your customers on any relevant channel

Explore which channels you can message your customers on through our software and APIs

Unparalleled reach

SMS marketing for travel | dotdigital

When was the last time you let a text go unread? Us neither. Leverage the 98% open rate of SMS to reach your customers when it matters most, or take advantage of the new Google-backed network-based rich messaging channel, RCS. Dubbed “SMS 2.0”, this versatile and marketing-friendly channel will allow you to use files, images, video and buttons to quickly inform, engage, support and convert Android consumers more effectively than ever.

The game-changer

CpaaS Whatsapp | dotdigital

WhatsApp have opened the doors for businesses to officially use their channel, but you can only do so via an approved partner. Lucky for you, dotdigital have been working with WhatsApp and owners Facebook for years, to not only bring you WhatsApp’s business messaging APIs, but also the knowledge base we’ve accumulated from this relationship. Leverage the fastest-growing communication app on the planet to reach and engage a huge proportion of you consumer base in seconds.

Bringing social back

CPaaS - Facebook and twitter. Bringing back social | dotdigital

Make sure your customers can reach you on the channels they’re already on, or risk losing them to the competitor. Offer superior customer service with Facebook Messenger and Twitter DM and send triggered messages about existing orders that keep customers informed and engaged. Allowing replies opens more opportunities for repeat or add-on sales and asking for reviews, referrals or recommendations widens your brand to larger audiences.

Send important updates

CPaaS - Email - Sending important updates | dotdigital

Don’t forget, customers still love email, especially to receive important files or information about their order or account. Send at scale and leverage our deliverability experts to ensure your message is getting through. Email is also a great option to set as your backstop channel for customers who are yet to adopt an omnichannel approach.

In-app resolution

CPaaS Web & App messaging - In-app resolution | dotdigital

Consumers love to gain resolution inside the app or channel they are using. You might already have made sure chat is available to them if they are on your site or app, but have you also thought about using these channels to send triggered messages about order updates? Buffering the post-sale journey with helpful information about an order can make all the difference to a customer experience.

Why customers choose us

There’s more than one reason why businesses don’t just use us, they love us. From our no-code software, for those looking for easy adoption, to our intuitive APIs, we make sending messages across multiple channels simple.

We make it easy

Why customers choose us | dotdigital

Unlike many other messaging platforms, we don’t just give you a link to a docs page and leave you to it. We’ve got experienced integration experts on hand to ensure your project’s success no matter how complex the challenge.

Future proof yourselves

CPaaS future proof yourselves | dotdigital

We’re the messaging experts. We stay up-to-date with the latest messaging trends and relevant consumer channels so you don’t have to. Our painless integration from our versatile API also means you’ll effortlessly have access to the latest tech as soon as it’s available.

Managed CPaaS

Managed CPaaS Security and resilience | dotdigital

From multicloud architecture, ISO 27001 compliance and 256-bit encryption, to granular permissions for principle of least privilege, dotdigital’s APIs are made by developers, for developers who appreciate and require the most robust and resilient security practices.

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