Automate your customer
interactions using our
communication APIs

Send, receive, reply and execute ARN at scale through email, SMS, push, webchat, apps, Facebook, Twitter and more.

Benefits of our communication APIs

An enterprise grade, high-seed programmable platform

  • Secure multi-cloud architecture for real-time global communications
  • Use APIs to easily and securely access all your communication data
  • APIs available for your tech teams in both REST and SOAP languages
  • Schedule data imports and exports, and automate via API
  • Connect your CRM, website, and back office systems
  • Automate communications across multiple channels
  • Sample code, SDKs, and tutorials make every integration a breeze

Introducing Hub

Easy communication with your customers anywhere in the world

Sending is simple

Use Hub as the base of your operations for your external communications. Send messages to your customers on your preferred channel at scale and hyper speed.

Whether you want to send one message or one million, via SMS, or the very latest messaging app, to one country, or 250, our messaging API empowers you to deliver with confidence.

Messages can be send real time, as they occur, as single post event, or batched

Take control of your data

Receive inbound messages, delivery and status information and profile changes in real time with our powerful webhooks.

Use webhooks to serve up all the data you want into an existing platform or BI tool. Comapi's webhooks allows you to subscribe to the events that you are interested in, making sure you are in control.

Understand more

Receive, store and harness all the data you need on customer communications to better inform your business, increasing engagement and conversion. Armed with message history, device type, name, communication preferences, contact details and any custom fields that are relevant to your operations, your business will be able to have immediately meaningful and relevant interactions. Easily update and integrate profile data using our profile web service. Receive real-time profile updates from your system by subscribing to profile events via our webhooks.

Work smarter with data driven insight

It's crucial to be able to understand that your integrations are performing as expected. Every API customer gets access to our full reporting suite. If you need greater insight, you can configure webhooks to feed data to your existing analytics system.

Develop faster

Our unique developer tools help you to build, test and analyse message content and status. The tools let you instantly gain access to see your JSON requests and responses to the 'One API'. Unlike many other platforms, we give you access to analytics enabling you to easily monitor and analyse messaging performance so that you gain the insight to develop with more confidence in less time.

Why customers choose us

There’s more than one reason why businesses don’t just use us, they love us. From our no-code software, for those looking for easy adoption, to our intuitive APIs, we make sending messages across multiple channels simple.

We make it easy

Unlike many other messaging platforms, we don’t just give you a link to a docs page and leave you to it. We’ve got experienced integration experts on hand to ensure your project’s success no matter how complex the challenge.

No developer? No problem

For businesses that don’t have development resource, in-house we’ve made omnichannel communication easy with our no-code platform Contact.

Managed CPaaS

If you don’t have the expertise or resources to manage omnichannel campaigns, we can help you to deliver communications to your customer base through our managed CPaaS team.

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