AI marketing

Effortlessly elevate the customer experience with WinstonAI™

Dotdigital’s very own AI engine reduces your workload, sparks creativity, and unlocks data-driven revenue opportunities.

Generative AI

No more writer’s block with generative AI

Elevate copy by utilizing generative AI. Ask WinstonAI to rewrite your copy in a different tone, rephrase, shorten, and simplify, or add emojis with a simple click of a button.

Built-in editor

Become your own editor

Save time on those finishing touches with WinstonAI. Our generative AI eliminates typos, grammar errors, and get personalized recommendations for subject lines that resonate with your audience.

Cheatsheet: 5 ways to be proactive in your marketing with AI

Work smarter and level up your creativity with AI-powered marketing

Cross-channel creation

Create a cross-channel campaign in seconds

Reach your customers on their preferred channel without any extra work. With WinstonAI's one-click email to SMS, your message will adjust to SMS's 160-character count and delivery will be taken care of.

Predictive analytics

Stay a step ahead with predictive analytics

Predict customer behavior with WinstonAI. By analyzing stacks of data, WinstonAI can uncover conversion opportunities, and guide you on who to target and why.

Smart segments

The perfect audience, every time

Use RFM and eRFM to create tailored segments and increase campaign accuracy. Dotdigital’s lookalike segments make it easier to maximize wins, and WinstonAI helps to create easy-to-use segments from a specific customer profile.

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Irresistible recommendations

Deliver temptation with AI-powered insights

Use AI-powered product recommendations to appeal to every customer. Let WinstonAI showcase ‘lookalike’, ‘also bought’, ‘trending’ and other personalized products to temp customers and increase AOV.

Product data enrichment

Save time with AI-powered product analysis

Effortlessly generate product data thanks to WinstonAI. The technology analyzes product listing pages to extract product characteristics, which can then be used as tags to create highly relevant product recommendations.

Right on time

Increase engagement with send time optimization

Deliver campaigns at the perfect time for each recipient, without creating multiple sends. Send time optimization uses location and previous engagements to deliver campaigns at the optimal time.

Responsible artificial intelligence

No more manual data crunching

WinstonAI’s predictive data models are always optimized and secure. Our algorithms are built with customer data protection and privacy at the forefront. All predictive recommendations can be checked against a contact at recommendation level or in single customer view.

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The Dotdigital platform empowers you to generate true engagement with your customers. Elevate your customer journey effortlessly with our AI marketing tools. Uncover opportunities, save time, and let data drive meaningful customer experiences that go beyond the expected.

Talk to us and discover how Dotdigital will help you:

  • Unify and enrich your customer data
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