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10 resources to improve your marketing automation strategy

Spruce up your marketing automation with our top content picks.

Summer is in full swing, but not quite the summer we all expected. As businesses start to open up more and recoup lost ground, it’s never been more important to have your marketing automation strategy looking shipshape. Here’s a breakdown of the very best marketing automation strategy resources from July. Take your pick and make gains in August, as the ever-earlier holiday season approaches.

Marketing automation strategy resources

Here are our hottest content drops:

1. Email ROI calculator

We all know that email is the most lucrative marketing channel of all. Your return on investment is £42 to £1 – pretty impressive right? Even so, it can be a real challenge to track your email ROI and prove the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Until now. In our email ROI calculator, we’ve made it easy to discover the value of every email you send. With this knowledge, you’ll be more empowered to adapt your marketing strategy and drive even greater success.

Check out the email ROI calculator here.

Email ROI marketing automation strategy

2. Email essentials: personalization

Our new email essentials latest installment is on personalization. Consumers want personalized experiences in email; in fact, they’re willing to hand over data in exchange for something more personal.

In this cheatsheet, we explore the personalization tactics that will help you take your email marketing to the next level. From tips on collecting data to quick steps on personalizing every email, we have you covered.

Download your free copy here.

Email essentials marketing automation strategy

3. Dotdive: 3 ways to upgrade your digital marketing automation strategy

The marketer’s primary task is to drive customer engagement. But in a time of uncertainty, new and existing challenges can get in the way. Our account manager, Clare Walker, guides you through three effective ways to upgrade your digital marketing and make it more customer-centric.

From segmentation tactics to email personalization, engaging SMS to hyper-relevant product recommendations, understand what you need to do to make customers act. Check out the webinar here.

4. Amaze your customers with an unforgettable experience

Today consumers are shopping online more than ever before. So the key is to create a digital shopping experience that keeps customers coming back. Making the experience unique and connected, with personalized messages and relevant product recommendations, will help drive customer delight. And we all know customer satisfaction increases key commerce metrics like AOV and lifetime value.

Connecting the customer journey and creating an uninterrupted experience doesn’t happen overnight. It takes skillful work, and few merchants get it totally right. To try and get the right balance of engagement and personalization, check out our premier partner guide packed with insight on designing the ultimate customer experience.

CX marketing strategy

5. Learnings from a salesforce ecommerce retailer

Still wondering whether re-platforming is right for you? Watch this webinar – it’s just for you. We look at the opportunities and risks of migrating to Salesforce Commerce Cloud, especially during these uncertain times. Plus, we talk to Whittard of Chelsea about the tactics and strategies they use to connect with customers online. You won’t want to miss it.

Watch the webinar here.

6. Marketing automation strategy must: How to get customers to repeat their purchase

Every brand – every marketer – wants to acquire customers that come back to shop over and over again. A solid customer base that keeps on spending. Because it’s far more expensive to acquire a customer than it is to retain one. Our best practice guide delves into six awesome tactics to help you retain customers and get them to spend more, again. Learn how to use data to your advantage, create a frictionless online shopping experience, plus perfect the post-purchase program with highly relevant product recommendations.

Remember not to rest on your laurels – don’t let the people who come to your site go without a fight.

Grab your copy here.

Repeat purchase marketing

7. How to leverage social and remain relevant

The adoption of technology to cope with the increasing traffic of online customers has increased since lockdown. Many of these customers expect the same prompts online as they get in store. And access to personalized, relevant, and helpful content helps to drive those all-important purchasing decisions. But often, there are barriers to brand-generated content like resource issues and outsourcing costs. So, how does your strategy stack up?

In this unmissable webinar, we discuss how to build brand affinity for the digital age. Catch it here.

8. How to adopt valuable B2C strategies as a B2B company

As B2B expectations change, businesses that serve other businesses are having to align their marketing tactics to B2C companies. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to do so.

In our guide, we’ve identified the marketing strategies you can adopt to make the B2B buyer feel like they’re in a B2C transaction. We’ll show you why personalization is so important, how to capture the right data, and ways to report on your key metrics.

The value of B2B ecommerce is increasing at an explosive rate. Make sure you’re ready to cash in. Check out our guide here.

B2B marketing strategy

9. Personalization for the win: aligning your on-site search and marketing strategy

Product recommendations, when done right, are pretty cool and impressive. They shouldn’t be creepy. If anything, they ought to be really useful. For brands, this tactic increases the chances of a user converting into a customer. What more could you want?

Dotdigital and partner Klevu unlock the secrets behind our joint integration, and what this could mean for your online store. We’ll uncover what you need to have a highly effective search and navigation journey, which is an essential part of every marketing strategy. What’s more, you’ll find out how to send successful marketing campaigns peppered with relevant product recommendations.

Watch now.

10. Time to evolve: thriving, not surviving

Don’t let 2020 be a write-off. With five months to go until the end of the year, and the economy opening up again, now is the time to thrive and win customers’ hearts. In this exclusive ebook, we take you through some of the recent improvements in Dotdigital that are bound to help you supercharge your marketing automation strategy. Whether it’s self-serve SMS or improved preference sync for CRM, we’re here to help you go above and beyond.

Download here.

dotdigital improvements

That’s a wrap! Keep an eye on all our new and exciting marketing resources for August, and the round-up at the end of the month/early next month.

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