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6 Valentine’s Day email marketing examples

Show some love this Valentine's Day with our curated list of six captivating email examples. These heartwarming ideas will inspire connection and drive results during this romantic season.
Marketer looking at Valentine’s Day email examples.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and with up to 52% of consumers celebrating this love-filled occasion, there’s no better time to show your audience some love and appreciation. Developing an effective Valentine’s Day email campaign can help you strengthen the bond with your audience, generate interest in your products or services, and ultimately, drive sales during this love-filled season. 

To make things easy for you, we’ve compiled a list of six Valentine’s Day email examples that can be adapted to your brand. These examples use effective techniques to evoke the spirit of the season and entice your audience to engage with your offerings.

1. Make hearts flutter with your best-sellers

Nothing speaks volumes about your brand’s offerings more than your top-performing products. This Valentine’s season, why not create an email campaign that recommends your top-performing products to entice customers and help them make confident purchasing decisions?

You can take inspiration from the well-known MAC Cosmetics Valentine’s Day campaign that displayed a range of lipsticks perfectly matched for the romantic occasion. With a captivating email design and on-theme copy, the email campaign directly addressed the desires of its audience, inspiring them to indulge in the perfect lipstick shades to make its Valentine’s Day celebration even more special. Besides, who can resist the appeal of a 30% off special offer on their favorite makeup products?

MAC Cosmetics, Valentine's Day email campaign, Last day to take 30% OFF select Lip products.

2. Share a Valentine’s gift guide

Gift guides have become a popular and effective way for brands to showcase their products and help customers make purchasing decisions during special occasions. BarkShop, an online store for dog lovers, created an excellent Valentine’s Day email campaign that offered a curated collection of Valentine’s gifts for dogs.

BarkShop’s pawsome gift guide combined eye-catching visuals, playful copy, and persuasive calls to action to both amuse and entice its subscribers. By highlighting an assortment of Valentine’s Day-themed toys and treats, BarkShop made it easy for dog owners to choose the perfect gift for their furry friends.

You can learn from BarkShop’s strategy and create a gift guide that resonates with your target audience’s needs and desires. Whether your brand caters to pet owners, gadget enthusiasts, fashion lovers, or any other niche, a well-crafted gift guide is invaluable in driving conversions and boosting your brand’s reputation during this season of love.

BarkShop, Valentine's Day email campaign, featuring Valentine's gifts for dogs.

3. Entice with engaging interactive content

Email marketing has evolved into a more interactive conversation with customers, where you can create engaging content to make your emails more interesting. For instance, you can add interactive content such as quizzes or surveys to attract customers who enjoy learning insightful revelations about themselves or simply having a good time.

If you’re looking to strengthen the bond between your brand and customers during Valentine’s Day season, you can learn from Moosejaw’s email marketing strategy. The brand’s captivating email campaign featured a quiz that revealed customers’ love language. The visuals were custom-made and told a heartwarming story that made it difficult for customers to resist taking the quiz. By trying out this strategy, you can entice customers with engaging interactive content and encourage them to engage with your brand.

Moosejaw, Valentine's Day email campaign, featuring a discovery quiz for your love language.

4. Share the love beyond promotions

While promotional emails have their place in your Valentine’s Day marketing efforts, it’s essential to remember that this occasion is about fostering emotional connections and showing appreciation. Whether you’re a for-profit business or a non-profit organization, you can use the spirit of Valentine’s Day to create warm and genuine connections with your audience without exclusively focusing on sales or fundraising.

Charity: Water exemplifies this approach with its personalized Valentine’s Day e-cards for donors, supporters, and fundraisers. By expressing heartfelt gratitude for its community’s efforts and making each card unique, it inspires people to continue supporting the brand’s cause and strengthen its connections with existing supporters.

From sharing heartwarming stories and testimonials to offering valuable content such as love-themed recipes or DIY gifts, these messages can show your audience that you care about more than just selling products or services.

By embracing this powerful method of expressing gratitude and affection, brands and organizations can reinforce their connection with email subscribers during Valentine’s Day. This approach not only strengthens the bond with existing customers and supporters but also showcases the thoughtful and caring nature of your organization to potential new audiences.

Charity: Water, Valentine's Day email campaign featuring personalized e-Valentine's Day cards for fundraisers and supporters.

5. Embrace the power of storytelling

Valentine’s Day is an ideal time to create an email campaign that shares real-life love stories or memorable moments related to your brand and customers. This can be done by harnessing the power of storytelling to share emotionally compelling content that captivates your audience’s heart. By doing so, you can evoke feelings of warmth and affection in your audience.

Warby Parker, known for its stylish eyewear, created an impactful email campaign that skillfully merged visual storytelling with a touch of romance and humor. Its visual narratives engaged customers, drawing their attention to the brand’s products while also evoking lighthearted enjoyment.

You can encourage subscribers to share their unique love stories using a dedicated hashtag to foster organic social buzz. By doing so, you not only raise brand awareness but also strengthen social media engagement in a heartfelt way.

Remember, you don’t always have to focus on selling a product or service through your email campaigns. Instead, invest in creating an emotional connection with your audience that’s sure to leave a lasting, positive impression on your brand.

Warby Parker, Valentine's Day email campaign featuring a visual narrative with a touch of romance and humor.

6. Be creative with your copywriting

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to let your creativity run wild with your copywriting. Innovative and witty email copy can entertain subscribers, make your brand memorable, and show that you think outside the box.

Beardbrand, a premium grooming brand, seized the opportunity to get creative with its Valentine’s Day email campaign. Playfully acknowledging the more traditional marketing techniques, Beardbrand crafted its email subject line and email copy to pique curiosity and grab attention.

Your brand can follow Beardbrand’s approach and incorporate clever copywriting concepts for your Valentine’s Day emails. Think of unique ways to address your audience, showcase your products, and perhaps even make them laugh. By being imaginative with your copy, you can leave a lasting impression and make your brand stand out in a sea of promotional messages during the Valentine’s Day season.

Beardbrand, Valentine's Day email campaign with playful and creative copywriting.

Capture hearts this Valentine’s Day

Whether your audience consists of hopeless romantics or practical shoppers, these six Valentine’s Day email examples will help you craft messages that resonate with emotion and drive sales. Remember, a successful email campaign during this season of love is a balance of presenting your offerings and showing genuine appreciation for your customers. By adapting these examples to your brand’s tone of voice and values, you’re on your way to deepening those customer connections and making the most of this Valentine’s Day.

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