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Get more from your landing pages

With concerns over privacy on the rise, and the industry ever-crowding with competition, it's time your top lead-generation tool got an upgrade.

Landing pages are your job

You’ve built a winning campaign with compelling content and a stellar call to action. The reports show a healthy click-through rate, so you can tick that one off, right? No way, José. As email marketers, we’re a dab hand at perfecting the design, targeting and optimization of our messages. But our job goes beyond the remit of the email to include landing pages.

Landing pages facilitate crucial conversions, including online sales, mailing list sign-ups, and data input. All of these actions are under your influence and should not be overlooked. It’s time to think beyond the initial call to action.

Today’s consumer is looking for a perfect brand interaction

Lead generation marketing is no elaborate rouse. Your modern-day consumer, a tech wizard in their own right, is perfectly aware that their data is a hot commodity. They are willing and able to leverage their details to achieve the best of the best in customer experience. They’ve already terminated relationships with brands whose interactions haven’t hit the mark.

This new attitude on data sharing doesn’t have to hurt your business, It’s all about understanding customer expectation. We know that a strong email marketing campaign with intelligent personalization, compelling content, and an attractive CTA encourages consumers to click through to convert.

However, if those clicking through are transported to a generic, impersonal homepage, it’s highly likely that all of the magic created from the email will be lost. Your CTA will become diluted by nonspecific website content. The chances of your customers completing the action you desire get slashed.

In order to keep the magic alive, a strong sense of cohesion must be created between the campaign and the click-through destination. The landing pages comes into play here.

Provide consistent conversion opportunities

Landing pages offer engagement opportunities that arise seamlessly from an initial brand interaction. A landing page can take many forms and provide a variety of essential services for your business. Ultimately, it’s the best web tool you have to drive your targeted audience to take an action. Whether it’s making a purchase, requesting a demo or sales call, or downloading a piece of content.

Use cases for landing pages

Lead generation

Landing pages are the pillar of lead generation. Capture leads from email, social media, and search traffic at an increased rate by sending relevant customers to a targeted landing page. So you’ve generated these leads. Now you can then segment, nurture, or pass them on to your sales team.

Support for your side of the bargain

Offers are designed to increase engagement and drive sales. You’ll bag more buck for your benevolence by implementing a landing page that trades customer contact information for access to the offer.

Achieve better customer insight

Whatever stage they’re at in the lifecycle, you can use landing pages to obtain more information about your audience. This can help you better profile contacts, leading to better quality customer communication.

Get the measure of engagement

Landing pages facilitate an understanding of which customers are the most engaged with your brand by tracking the interactions of existing leads. This also means you can collect more information on customers’ preferences and online behavior. So this is handy for online sales.

Get the measure of your success

Each landing page serves as a data asset for your marketing campaign. Get marketing insights by tracking the reports from these pages. This will strengthen your strategy.

You can incorporate landing pages into your marketing strategy in a variety of ways. The next step is to create an effective page that’s fully optimized for a seamless customer interaction.

What does it takes to make your landing pages a success?

The landing page program:

Download our cheatsheet for 10 steps on how to build a high-converting landing page.

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