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Email marketing campaigns that pack a punch

Coming up with new ideas for your email marketing can be a struggle. Subscribers know what to expect from brands’ marketing efforts. We must adapt our tactics to keep it fresh. Email personalization is the tactic that continues to surprise and delight audiences while driving the results marketers need.

We receive countless emails every day. Work emails, personal emails, marketing emails, reminders, and order confirmations. But how many of these capture our attention?

The days of batch-and-blast email marketing are long gone. Modern marketers need to leverage their customer data better to adopt personalization tactics. Personalization makes the reader feel as though every email is custom-made for them.

This positive effect will have long-lasting effects on your brand. Customers will be more loyal and your email marketing will get better engagement and more conversions.

6 ways to personalize your email marketing

Personalizing your email marketing campaigns isn’t as hard as it seems. Thankfully, there are hundreds of easy ways marketers can deliver personalized content.

1. Basic personalization

It’s personalization 101: greet your readers by their name.

Whether it’s your subject lines or in email, open rates are 50% higher when they’re personalized. You should be collecting customer data such as first and last names at the point of subscription.

Basic personalization tactics can be used throughout your email marketing. Personalizing landing pages and surveys are a great way to engage the reader when they’re least expecting it.

2. List segmentation

Not all personalization has to be in the email. It can be the email itself that connects with your subscriber.

Use customer data to segment your audience base. Age, gender, and location are great places to start. The more data you gather on your customers, the more advanced segmentation tactics you can adopt.

When you’re launching a new product or rolling out a new campaign, consider who in your database would be best to target. This will help you build segments so those who need to know or are most likely to convert are targeted first.

Email marketing targeted messaging with segmentation

3. Dynamic content

Dynamic content allows you to vary what content is seen by readers based on the customer data you hold. That means in a single send you can deliver multiple variations of content. This way to can send content that resounds with and converts targeted audience segments.

For example, if you’re an ecommerce beverage brand, you can run parallel B2B and B2C offers. Or, if you’re hosting a range of events, you can invite readers based on their location or interests. All without the need for building multiple email campaigns.

4. Product recommendations

A well-planned product recommendation block is another great way to personalize an email campaign. After all, how better to show customers how well you know them than showing them other products you know they’ll love?

Product recommendations boost relevancy and increase click-through rates for email marketing by 330%. To make product recommendations hyper-personalized, you can let AI do the hard work for you. AI-powered recommendations automatically display items from your catalogs that are most likely to appeal to customers and result to convert.

5. Automation programs

Automation programs are a time-saving way to get the right message to the right person. Automations are another way to boost relevancy. And relevancy is basically another form of personalization.

Emails triggered by customer actions show that you’re paying close attention to every customer. When they receive a re-engagement message saying “we miss you”, or a “happy birthday” greeting, you’re reminding them that they’re important to you. While you can add basic personalization to these email campaigns, the effect is the same: you’re making every interaction with your brand personal to the reader.

email marketing personalization using marketing automation programs

6. External dynamic content

Using an external source to pull content into your email marketing campaign can help take your personalization to new levels.

Advanced personalization technology providers such as Kick Dynamic and Movable Ink use customer data to connect with customers in a visual and engaging way. You can use real-time data such as location to display relevant information to readers. For example, you can highlight the closest store or suggest activities based on where they open.

You can also pull in data to create images that instantly grab readers’ attention. Whether you choose to use readers’ names, interests, or past purchases, imagery is a top way to keep them engaged.

How to personalize your email marketing?

To discover more tips and tricks about email personalization, check out our latest email essentials cheatsheet: How to personalize your email marketing.

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