Shopify Markets is here; what does this mean for APAC merchants?

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I am sure everyone has heard about Shopify launching the Shopify Markets by now. So, what’s all this buzz around Shopify Markets? And why is it essential for APAC merchants? Shopify Markets is a cross-border management tool that helps merchants identify, set up, launch, optimize and manage their international markets – all from a single store.


A merchants-first approach

We love Shopify’s ‘merchants first’ approach, and the recent launch of Shopify Markets is a testament to that. It is a massive step towards helping APAC merchants grow and scale their business from domestic to international quickly to establish their global presence.

Global expansion has always been a scary thought as several elements come into play, such as launching an entirely new store, currency conversion, language, and payment method localization. Shopify Markets addresses all those challenges, opening a world of opportunities making it easier for merchants to overcome those barriers and leverage them for global growth.


How Shopify works with Dotdigital

It ties up nicely with Dotdigital’s ‘Multi-store connector’, a unique feature that allows our clients to connect multiple stores to their Dotdigital account. This is an excellent option if clients have multiple stores globally with the same branding but regional differences, such as language, price, or currency. The feature also enables merchants to have all their stores connected to one account, running their marketing from one place and reporting across all the stores consistently.

To put into perspective, one of Dotdigital’s clients, Renpho, uses our multi-store capability, to connect additional Shopify stores to the same account. It adds layers of benefits to their automation journey, such as sending separate regional brand campaigns and combined multi-region campaigns. The team can also do multi-regional reporting aggregation, manage specific user permissions easily, and segment across regions to identify re-targeting opportunities. Renpho has connected nine regional stores to their Dotdigital account using the multi-store connector, which is huge.

Additionally, Dotdigital customers are also able to connect different Shopify stores into individual Dotdigital accounts (referred to as child accounts). This aids them to track all the campaigns under a single customer view and receive one consolidated invoice at the end of the month. Marketers can build data silos, seamless consolidated reporting and database storage while sharing email allowances.

Sennheiser uses this setup, allowing for opt-out compliance at the account (store) level with a regional team setup. As a result, the regional teams only have access to their data, campaigns and reporting, which assists with compliance. But of course, users can be given access to multiple child accounts and easily switch between them.

These features have been our ‘client favorites’ as it is financially economical and gives them the flexibility to standardize the currency.


In conclusion

Over the years, Dotdigital’s integration with Shopify has been one of the strongest both in the APAC region and globally. The partnership has helped Dotdigital clients upgrade and succeed faster, witnessing a much higher increase in GMV (Gross Merchandise Value). The integration allows clients to reach audiences on multiple channels, persuade them to visit the website and continue to engage them post-purchase. To learn more about Shopify Markets, see here.


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