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Dotdigital and Adobe have, in ecommerce terms, been in partnership for a very long time. The first Adobe Commerce extension (then: Magento) was released in 2011 and the partnership was solidified in 2012. Dotdigital has since been selected as Adobe’s first and only Premier partner for marketing automation and has since served thousands of the world’s leading brands across a vast number of industries.

Fast forward to last year, when Adobe announced that Magento Commerce would be known as Adobe Commerce (note that the change does not apply to the open-source version of the platform, which will retain the Magento name). Since then, Adobe has published exciting news around its release processes which emphasizes a reduction in its core code, making it easier for merchants to upgrade to new versions and thus accelerating the speed at which customers can get their hands on its world-class innovations.


Time-to-value is something that I’m pleased to hear a lot at the Dotdigital HQ too, particularly among the Product and Technology teams. 16 Agile development teams and a team of 11 Product Managers continuously and tirelessly work on platform releases that help our customers stay ahead. Last year alone we launched PWA support and transactional SMS for Adobe Commerce, as well as other enhancements enjoyed by all our customers which include Eventbrite and Google Analytics integrations, advanced eCommerce modeling with eRFM, single-sign-on, and more.

2022 shows no sign of slowing down. One project in flight that I am particularly excited about drastically reduces the time it takes to ingest millions of products and orders, for example. To be precise, we’ll be syncing Adobe Commerce catalogs at a rate that is over 100 times faster! More on that in February, when the next Dotdigital platform release lands. As a theme, time-to-value doesn’t always represent the shiniest enhancements, the ones you see our Marketing team posting about across our various social media outlets. But that doesn’t make them less important. By continuing to work closely alongside the Adobe team, we have our fingers on the pulse as to what innovations will make your experience with us even better, and help you go to market faster with products and services that your customers will love.

It takes an ecosystem

Back to Adobe. The upcoming Adobe Commerce 2.4.4 release, planned for April 12, continues to deliver on the promise of reduced upgrade complexity and innovation acceleration. It also changes how you access third-party extension packages like ours.

Historically, Vendor Bundled Extensions (VBEs) were included in the Adobe platform code, which meant that as a partner and integration provider we were only able to update our extension package in line with the Adobe release schedule. With the 2.4.4 release, these third-party extensions (Dotdigital included) will be decoupled which gives you faster access to the latest capabilities that Dotdigital has to offer. Our existing customers who plan to upgrade to Adobe Commerce 2.4.4 will be asked to install a new extension package to ensure continuity of service. The new extension package will be available in January, keep an eye out for an email from us which will detail next steps.

All that is left to say is that our integration with Adobe Commerce remains the most comprehensive in the market and is one that we continue to invest in. Our Adobe-certified developers are already looking ahead and working on enhancements that will improve ecommerce experiences the world over. We’re proud to be chosen as Adobe’s premier partner of choice for marketing automation and look forward to continuing on this journey together.

Why Dotdigital?

We couldn’t be more thrilled to be part of the next step in Adobe’s journey. Jointly we continue to serve brands all over the world. By choosing Dotdigital and Adobe Commerce you benefit from:

  •  A MarTech stack that is built on best-of-breed for both commerce and digital marketing. Whilst Adobe Commerce powers your storefront, Dotdigital remains the #1 integration in the market that will make your store data work for you; driving high-quality traffic to your site, and helping marketing teams deliver cross-channel marketing messages that engage and convert.
  • Our relationship. Adobe and Dotdigital have been in partnership for over a decade and work together more closely than ever. Choosing Dotdigital gives you access to software that is built-not-bought, and overseen by some of the smartest Adobe-certified developers around. This means you can focus on selling, not troubleshooting. Our uptime, customer support, stability, and integration depth remain unrivaled.
  • A future-proofed solution. Take our word for it, being a premier partner is not a hat you wear for a day. Adobe Commerce is a firm fixture on the Dotdigital roadmap, we reinvest a double-digit percentage of our revenue back into our platform so you can count on the fact we’re in it for the long run.

Adobe and Dotdigital have a lot more in store and work together as part of a wider, highly vetted ecosystem of software providers that share the same values and offer tech you can trust.

So whether you’re B2B, B2C, or both, discover how Adobe’s ecosystem and Dotdigital provide a flexible foundation for rapid growth in our ‘Building the future of ecommerce’ eBook.

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