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Jurlique increase conversion rates to 64% with back in stock emails

  • average open rate

  • increase in YOY revenue

Jurlique is an Australian skincare brand, pioneering in holistic and conscious beauty for more than 35 years. Staying connected to its sustainable roots, the brand offers a range of world-renowned biodynamically farmed products. The Jurlique team partnered with Dotdigital in 2016 to ramp up its automation efforts. After a website migration to Shopify Plus in 2022, the brand embarked on a journey to increase acquisition and conversion of its customers.


Jurlique first started working with Dotdigital in 2016, creating a strong database of contacts. As its database grew, the brand realised it had a growing number of unengaged contacts who impacted deliverability and engagement rates. It decided to complete a database audit to clear out unengaged customers and streamline marketing operations.

At the same time, Jurlique also wanted to target newly-acquired customers with a new digital marketing strategy. The main objective was to grow its customer base, while increasing the frequency of purchases and the rate of repeat purchases. The brand sought unique solutions for its email marketing strategy, by working closely with Dotdigital’s Customer Success Team to find new methods of increasing engagement.


Shopify replenishment campaign

To ensure that Jurlique stays top of mind and retains its customers after purchase, the Shopify replenishment campaign was launched. This is a personalised flow where replenishment reminders are based on product tailored on SKU’s and size of the product. Customers are then directed to one of five paths of Jurlique’s best selling products like the iconic Rose Hand Cream. These paths help encourage customers to make another purchase, piggybacking at the time when they are due for replenishing. Learn more about targeted email marketing here.

Moisture Replenishing Discovery Kit campaign

This campaign was completely focused on identifying new customers that were engaged with particular category lines but had not purchased either offline or online. A browse abandonment email was launched to target the engaged customers whilst promoting a unique kit featuring some of Jurlique’s best sellers at a unique price point suitable for first time buyers and enticing discovery. The campaign led to a 16% session conversion rate.

Back in stock flow

While promotional campaigns achieve great success, it’s the transactional emails that can be a hidden gem with untapped potential. Jurlique took its commitment to customer retention and engagement to the next level by incorporating Dotdigital’s back in stock product notification feature through the Shopify connector. A ‘notify’ button is added to out-of-stock items. When clicked, a flyover appears to capture email addresses for receiving notifications when the product is back in stock.

Gmail annotation campaign

This campaign feature was the first time Jurlique had tested Google’s annotation functionality, something made possible by working closely with its Customer Success Manager following Gmail verification. This allows emails to show a carousel of product images directly beneath the subject line within in the Gmail inbox, before an email has been opened.


Jurlique maintained a solid open rate of 25% for the Shopify replenishment campaign, 23% and 68% for the Moisture Replenishing Discovery Kit campaign. The back in stock automated campaign achieved an impressive open rate of 82%, the highest among all the other programs.

Its most profitable campaign was the win-back campaign attributing to 11% of total monthly email revenue. The back in stock program found a purchase conversion rate of 64%, highlighting the advantages of focusing on transactional emails.

Finally, the Gmail annotation strategy assisted in a 28% increase in direct revenue and a 160% increase in assisted revenue compared to its campaign within same previous time period. Making use of this more complex Gmail feature via the Dotdigital platform allowed Jurlique’s emails to stand out more before being opened.

Looking ahead

With shopping habits changing and cross-channel experiences a natural part of the customer journey, Jurlique is planning to focus on determining how online campaign engagement translates into offline purchases made in physical stores. Additionally, Jurlique aims to analyse the revenue generated by individual contributors within the marketing channel.

What Jurlique learned

1. Transactional moments can translate into revenue generation opportunities

The launch of the back in stock campaign captured transactional behaviour and translated it into a revenue-generation customer journey that leveraged personalization strategies. Brands typically focus on promotional efforts, but this transactional moment showcases how critical it is for brands to think outside the box to provide more value in the customer experience.

2. Leverage your bestseller products as a catch-all dynamic block in email campaigns

Jurlique ensured its campaigns were built with scalability and efficiency in mind. By using dynamic modules in its automations, products can be displayed consistently and personalized to the recipient’s stage in the program.

About Jurlique

Jurlique is an Australian skincare brand, pioneering in holistic and conscious beauty for more than 35 years. Staying connected to their sustainable roots, the brand offers a range of world-renowned biodynamically farmed products.