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Lee & Wrangler achieve 6x ROI using personalized abandoned carts

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The Indian arm of the US jeans brands, Lee and Wrangler, is managed by Ace Turtle, a performance marketing company. To increase sales and customer engagement amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the brand set its sights on strengthening its ecommerce distribution channels with marketing.

With Dotdigital as its marketing platform of choice, it distinguished itself from other Indian retailers by building smart automation and personalized email programs.


Overcoming email marketing hurdles

Most Indian retailers use generic email blasts, but Lee and Wrangler realized it could stand out by using email marketing. It wanted to generate more revenue from the channels it already built, including the visitors to its website and its existing email database. However, it were hindered by its initial email marketing platform, Mailchimp, which only offered basic email support, and lacked visibility to analytics and performance tracking.

The brand had no transparency on customer journeys and guidance on how to optimize for its current marketing situation. As the team struggled to create clear customer personas, they were unable to guide customers along the purchasing process with targeted and personalized messaging.


Implementing automation, personalization and customer segmentation strategies for customer engagement growth

Lee and Wrangler implemented Dotdigital’s out-of-the-box abandoned cart workflow to address the issue of lost revenue during the purchase process. As it was its initial implementation of an abandoned cart program, the brand decided to keep it simple.

The program involved firstly waiting for one day to check if customers have returned to complete their purchase. If a customer did not return to finalize their order, a follow-up email outlining the cart content would be delivered to their inbox. Customers who had forgotten to make the purchase, or were distracted during the process, were promptly encouraged to make a purchase the following day. Learn more about email automation.

Persona-driven segmented email programs 

When Lee and Wrangler transitioned to Dotdigital as its marketing platform, the brand knew that one of its priorities would be to launch personalized email programs. With Dotdigital’s easy-to-use eRFM analysis tool, it was able to curate personas based on a customer’s level of engagement by assessing their unique sales history against their dedicated customer profile.

Using the segmented customer profiles, the brand launched a ‘Pay Day Sale’ campaign that targeted a cohort of highly engaged customers. To further strengthen engagement with the cohort, it executed personalized nurture campaigns and capitalized on customer loyalty to the brand to drive more revenue and growth. Learn more about personalization.

Lee & Wrangler Case Study - Personalised nurture campaigns to highly-engaged customers

Personalised nurture campaigns to highly-engaged customers

Geographical segmentation 

A part of Lee and Wrangler’s core USPs includes offering free customization services to a few select states. Leveraging Dotdigital’s segmentation capabilities to parse through data and produce useable variables allowed the marketing team to segment audiences accurately.

Fields such as ‘delivery city’ were visible across the entire customer database, giving Lee and Wrangler the strategic advantage to target geographical offerings automatically with its existing customer dataset. This meant that whether a customer made an order in either Bangalore or Bengaluru, Dotdigital would enrol the city they purchased in and attach it as a field to the customer profile. With strong segmentation logic, Lee and Wrangler have the opportunity to further enhance its personalization effort with customer data.


Personalization and automation strategy transforms performance

With a renewed focus on personalization, customer segmentation, and automation, Lee and Wrangler achieved phenomenal results with a whopping 7.06% conversion uplift and an improved return on investment of 6x year-on-year.

The abandoned cart program achieved a recovery rate of over 12%, bringing in 1.78 million INR, without the need for any discounts. In its ‘Pay Day Sale’ campaign, it achieved a unique open rate of 52% and a 3.8% click-to-open rate (CTOR) for the highly engaged cohort of customers. Its geographical program achieved an industry-exceeding CTOR of 12.28%, bringing in an inferred revenue of 3,737 INR to Lee and Wrangler.

Looking ahead

Using Dotdigital for efficient marketing

Given the early success in personalization, Lee and Wrangler continue to focus on customer segmentation and building more robust customer persona profiles that can be leveraged across a variety of nurture campaigns. Guided by the support of the customer success team at Dotdigital, the brand aims to create more automations on the platform to make its marketing administration more streamlined and efficient.

Key takeaways

1. Align your high-valued customer profiles with your highly-engaged customers

Lee and Wrangler used its ‘Pay Day Sale’ campaign to target its most active customers, who had a history of making purchases, and achieved an impressive open rate of 52%.

2. Start with simple

With just an out-of-the-box abandoned cart workflow solution, Lee and Wrangler were able to recover 1.78 million INR from incomplete purchases. Even simple programs prove that not all results require elaborate marketing teams creating complex automation. It can serve as proof-of-concept and inspire more work and support on foundational marketing programs.

About Lee & Wrangler

Everyday performance denim brands, Lee and Wrangler, are both owned by Kontoor Brands Inc. with their headquarters in Greensboro, North Carolina, United States. The Indian arm of the US jeans brands is managed by Ace Turtle, a performance marketing company.

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