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Marketing automation

Do more with less using powerful omnichannel marketing automation tools

Create unique customer journeys with ease

Let our omnichannel automation tools do the work while you focus on bigger goals

  • Time-saving

    One person can do the work of five using intuitive automations to free up your team to focus on your strategic goals.

  • Ease of use

    With free program templates to help get you going, getting started with marketing automation couldn't be simpler.

  • Boost your ROI

    Create data-driven automations for smoother customer journeys which convert quicker and more often.

  • Drive engagements

    Automate customer lifecycle and nurture leads more effectively by automating key stages of the customer journey.

  • Omnichannel automation

    Connect with customers on the channels they want by adding SMS, chat, and more to your email automation programs.

  • Improve retention

    Enroll RFM personas onto tailored automation programs to take every customer on a tailored, unique journey.

Grow faster with time-saving marketing automation

Save time and work more efficiently using intelligent automation tools

Time saving marketing automation | dotdigital

Empower your team to work more efficiently with dotdigital Engagement Cloud’s marketing automation tools. Automate key customer touchpoints with welcome, event, and re-engagement programs using our 30+ ready-to-go automation templates.

This will give your team the breathing space you need to focus on achieving your strategic goals. Even creating your own automation programs is quick and easy using our drag-and-drop program builder.

Design automated workflows in minutes

Map out every stage of the customer journey with dotdigital Engagement Cloud

Automated workflows | dotdigital

Create your ideal customer experience with intelligent workflows built in our automation program builder.

With automated lifecycle marketing, you can plan every stage of the customer journey. From welcome programs to automated lead nurturing and re-engagement campaigns, these timely programs help build long-term relationships with your customers.

With our multi-decision nodes allow you to minimize the number of steps in every journey. This is particularly useful when sending email campaigns in multiple languages. Plus, logic branching in programs allows you to create unique paths based on customer actions and split-testing automations mean you can constantly optimize journeys. 

Trigger campaigns through powerful integrations

Connect dotdigital with ecommerce and CRM platforms

Powerful-integrations | dotdigital

Connecting dotdigital Engagement Cloud to your online store or CRM means you can set-up smart triggers for real-time messaging.

By tracking web-based actions, you can use visitors’ actions to trigger transactional marketing automations, such as abandoned cart and abandoned browse programs or post-purchase review requests.

Integrating systems also ensures you’re bringing in the right customers, and identifying the hottest prospects to focus on sales that’ll generate the most revenue.

Optimize and adapt with automation reporting 

Enhance program performance by tracking contacts and clicks in every campaign

Quickly discover what’s working and what’s not with dotdigital Engagement Cloud’s automation reporting tools.
Surface key insights across your programs to help you identify which email sends are most successful and which SMS messages to trigger. Easily analyze the effectiveness of all your marketing automation programs without endless hours of number crunching. 
By tracking enrolled and exited contacts you can pinpoint areas to improve and optimize with ease.  Also, drill down into your key program reporting metrics and take a long view of how your campaign opens are trending. So next time you optimize your program, you’ll be able to see whether it packs the punch your program performance needs.

Extend reach with omnichannel automations

Reach customers on every channel using omnichannel marketing automation

Omnichannel automations | dotdigital

Easily add new channels to your automation programs to nurture and optimize every engagement. SMS is the perfect supplementary channel for a post-purchase campaign.

Ask engaged shoppers for feedback on a channel that guarantees responses. Alternatively, combine your re-engagement program with your social media marketing and omnichannel retargeting.

Auto-funnel unresponsive email subscribers into your retargeting ads campaign on Instagram and Facebook. By adopting omnichannel marketing automation, you can reach your audience everywhere throughout the entire customer journey.

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