Navigate uncertainty with data you can rely on

With data flooding in left, right and center, marketers nowadays need the tools and knowledge to uncover high-impact opportunities. At the end of the day, customers are people – and people are unpredictable. The by-product of customer unpredictability is that the planning and preparation marketers place into customer journeys aren’t as effective as they’d like, as a typical customer-led journey isn’t linear.

Dotdigital is giving marketers across the globe the tools to uncover high-impact opportunities held within the data that customers share when they interact with your brand. This means you can deliver relevant experiences that’ll land with your customers.

Let’s take a look into the release

This release gives you the tools to target your customers where it’s most effective, turn customer interactions into solid actions, and keep your retargeting audiences up-to-date. Plus new integrations let you hand your brand champions a megaphone to share their love of your product far and wide.

Always-on decision making

Cross-account analytics for email and SMS gives users the ability to get an overview of their campaign performance from one place. To use the words of a Dotdigital customer, an EMEA-based industrial manufacturer and distributor:

“The campaign comparison table allows me to get a quick overview of campaigns from within a selected date-range of my choosing, and the dashboard is great for seeing top-level stats quickly.”

This functionality gives the decision makers across your business the ability to see top-down how their accounts are performing – not only for email, but for SMS as well. The information viewable within these analytics will enable you to shine a light on your marketing performance across the board, so you can see what’s performing, and what’s falling short. This in turn enables you to drive actionable insights to boost performance where required.

The cross-account analytics dashboard opens up a world of opportunities for you when it comes to seeing performance data up-front. You’ll be able to compare and track the details of multiple child accounts for any time-frame within the last two years. The simple-to-view performance tiles allow for easy comparison of up to six key metrics against one email campaign, or alternatively, six email campaigns against one key metric.

The ability to understand engagement performance at such a top-level makes it easier to gain an understanding, share your marketing success across the board, and help foster a culture of cross-team learning.

We’ve also redesigned our app homepage to give greater visibility of dashboards and reports, to support a business-wide culture of reporting. Analytics dashboards now appear on the left-hand navigation bar of the homepage, so you’ll always have immediate access to your most important reports for you to consolidate and review your data.

We’ve further developed our advanced revenue attribution to ensure that this continues to support customers when it comes to tracking campaign revenue across campaigns. Campaign revenue reports give you a clear overview of how much, and where, revenue has been attributed to a campaign. Other metrics included are sub-totals and conversion rate averages for campaigns. Further to this, API support has been added to the campaign revenue report which can be exported via Google Sheets, saving you time.

Let customers take the lead

In the non-linear marketing world in which we operate, customers don’t always follow the customer journey we’ve envisioned. Due to ongoing stock issues around the world, merchants can suffer increased customer churn caused by a customer going elsewhere when they can’t get what they want from you. Back-in-stock notifications give merchants an actionable take-away as customers use their interaction to give you solid actions; to target them with a product when stock levels have been replenished.

This September, we’ve launched back-in-stock for Shopify merchants. It’s a key piece of store automation which allows merchants across the globe to allow their shoppers to tell them what product they’re interested in – despite it being unavailable at the time. It’s an ideal quick-win to keep your customers engaged with your brand and decrease the likelihood of churn.

Our back-in-stock for Shopify gives you the tools to get set up and sending immediately, with very little set-up required. You’ll be able to configure button styles, including your brand fonts, sizes, and colors within the app as part of the set-up process. This includes the ability to configure pop-overs too, with full control of the header, content, and buttons which will appear within this box. All code is included ‘out of the box’ and ready for you to follow your customers’ lead immediately. There’s no need for any manual coding or scripting – all you need to do is follow the pre-built template to get your back-in-stock notifications up and running.

Seamlessly connect with your audiences

In a world where advertising is everywhere, making sure that budgets are kept under control and used efficiently is highly important. This is especially important when you want to ensure none of your marketing spend is being wasted on a past-purchaser, or a shopper who isn’t likely to purchase. Well, with our Facebook and Google ad retargeting, this is something you can now do.

We all know that in the online advertising world, Facebook and Google are the titans of this universe. It’s estimated that Google handles more than 5.8 billion searches each and every day, whilst Facebook has an estimated 1.73 billion active users daily. It’s important to ensure that customers are being targeted with the right products, rather than something they’ve already purchased, or are unlikely to purchase.

This release gives you the ability to remove any repeated messages from your Facebook and Google ad retargeting channel process. This ensures you’re not targeting a past-purchaser, by removing customers from audiences. This means you can be certain you’re not wasting any of your paid retargeting budget on a customer who’s already purchased a product.

Shine a spotlight on your success

Purchases today compared to 10 years ago are incredibly different. Consumers follow the advice and guidance of their fellow shoppers more now than ever before. In fact, over 84% of consumers trust online reviews (from strangers!) as much as they do a personal recommendation from a friend or family member. On top of this, there’s a number of other interesting stats when it comes to online purchasing decisions:

  • 93% of consumers admit their purchasing decisions are influenced by online reviews
  • 68% are willing to pay more for a product with better reviews
  • 49% see reviews as an absolute must-have when it comes to purchasing a product

So these numbers tell us one thing for certain – merchants need to get their online reviews right.

This September, Dotdigital brings not one, but two new reviews based integrations: Yotpo and Trustpilot.


Yotpo are a new integration partner for loyalty products. It enables merchants across a variety of ecommerce platforms to target audiences and share highly personalized campaigns based on review history. This leads ultimately to a boost in campaign engagement, by evoking a sense of trust across their audiences with user-generated content.

This integration between Dotdigital and Yotpo supports our merchants across many different ecommerce platforms including Adobe Commerce, Shopify, and BigCommerce, just to name a few.


Trustpilot is a well-known business and product reviews platform, founded in Denmark in 2007. Our product reviews integration with Trustpilot works seamlessly for customers already using the platform, but especially for those with an ecommerce integration. Again, this integration works seamlessly with many ecommerce platforms, meaning that the option for merchants to incorporate reviews into their marketing is incredibly strong.


Both of these integrations with Dotdigital enable merchants the ability to sync reviews into contact records, as insight data for segmentation and personalization, and map out a program to automatically enroll shoppers once a review has been left. With this, you’ll be able to target shoppers who’ve left a large number of reviews, such as your brand loyalists and champions, identify shoppers with a history of purchasing particular product lines, and exclude any shoppers who’ve left negative reviews if you so wish.

You’ll be able to use review data to effectively segment your audiences and send them targeted follow-ups. This includes securing second chances with customers who have had a less-than-perfect experience when purchasing a product. The integrations make it easy to retarget them with a follow up that points them to your customer service team, or ask them how you could have done better, so you can use it as a learning opportunity.

On the other-hand, you can target your 5-star super-fans with a simple ‘thank you’ message or an exclusive discount code that they can use against their next purchase. Make every review the beginning of something new.

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