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How to use remailing in your email marketing strategy

Learn how utilizing remailing in your email marketing strategy can boost engagement, maximize ROI, and ensure your compelling emails don't go unnoticed.
Marketing team learning how to leverage remailing in their email marketing strategy.

Have you ever sent an email campaign and felt like it landed with a thud? You’re not alone. In today’s overflowing inboxes, even the most compelling emails can get lost in the shuffle.

That’s where remailing comes in. Remailing, also known as resend marketing, is a powerful technique that allows you to reach subscribers who missed your initial email. It’s a strategic way to boost engagement and maximize the ROI of your email marketing efforts.

What is remailing and why use it?

Remailing involves automatically sending a slightly modified version of your original email to subscribers who haven’t opened it within a set timeframe. Here’s why it’s a valuable tool:

  1. Higher engagement and conversion rates: Remailing to subscribers who didn’t open or engage with your original email allows you to capture their attention and boost overall engagement. This results in higher open, click-through, and conversion rates. This enhances the performance of your email campaigns and drive great outcomes from your marketing budget.
  2. Optimized email delivery times: Remailing enables you to experiment with different delivery times so you can determine when your target audience is most responsive. Analyzing engagement metrics across multiple sends can help you grasp your subscribers’ preferences and improve your email marketing strategy for future campaigns.
  3. Increased return on investment(ROI): By ensuring your email content reaches as many subscribers as possible, remailing creates more opportunities for customer engagement and interaction. This improvement in email campaign efficacy equates to a better ROI for the time, effort, and resources invested in crafting quality content and executing email marketing campaigns.

What industries can use remailing?

Integrating a remailing strategy can be applied to various industries and business sectors to enhance your email marketing impact. Here are some examples of industries that can benefit from remailing. 

  • Ecommerce: Remailing promotions, exclusive offers, or new product launches can grab the attention of customers who missed the initial communication. This can drive sales, improve email marketing ROI, and promote repeat purchases by delivering relevant, timely promotions.
  • Higher education: Remailing important announcements, event invitations, or registration deadlines keeps students, parents, and alumni informed about institutional updates. A remailing strategy maintains audience engagement and fosters the relationship between the institution and its stakeholders.
  • Travel and hospitality: Remailing special deals, last-minute promotions, or unique travel packages can capture the attention of prospective customers. This not only boosts bookings and revenue but also cultivates customer loyalty through personalized and relevant offers.
  • Not profit organizations: By increasing the visibility of fundraising initiatives, event invitations, and advocacy alerts, remailing maximizes the chances of engagement, resulting in greater donor turnout and amplified volunteer participation.
  • Professional services: Remailing can help law firms, recruitment consultancies, advertising agencies, and more to showcase their expertise and thought leadership by sharing useful information, industry updates, and educational resources. This will be helpful in building better relationships with your clients and promoting continuous business interactions.

AI tools like WinstonAI can help keep your email content fresh and avoid duplication. Use WinstonAI to generate alternative subject lines and rephrase your campaign content to evoke different emotions from the recipient.

Prioritizing clicks over opens

With Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection (MPP), it has become increasingly crucial for remailing strategies to prioritize clicks over opens. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Clicks signal higher engagement: Clicks indicate that recipients are genuinely interested in your content, as they take action by clicking a link to learn more, buy something, or perform another desired task. Consequently, basing your remailing approach on clicks provides more comprehensive insights into customer engagement and behavior.
  2. Open tracking can be unreliable: Since open rates may not accurately reflect customer engagement due to accidental or auto-opened emails, click-through rates offer a more dependable metric rooted in subscribers’ intentional actions.
  3. Email open rate: Apple’s MPP disrupts email open rate tracking by automatically loading remote content such as images and pixel tracking. This may falsely inflate open rates, complicating their use as an accurate measure of engagement. Clicks, on the other hand, enable a more effective assessment of subscriber engagement.

By favoring clicks over opens, you can focus on genuinely interested subscribers and foster more targeted interactions.

When to prioritize opens over clicks

Although clicks usually take precedence in remailing strategies, there are situations where tracking open rates may be more advantageous:

  1. Awareness building campaigns: When your primary goal is to boost brand or product awareness, open rates may be more indicative of the marketing effort’s reach. In this instance, remailing based on opens can widen your reach and elevate brand visibility.
  2. Educational or informational content: If the email’s purpose is to share knowledge, informative articles, or other non-promotional materials, opens may signify that recipients consumed the information. This makes open rates a practical metric for evaluating user engagement with the content.
  3. Initial testing for innovative email formats: If you are experimenting with unique email formats, visuals, or subject lines, remailing based on opens can help identify the most attention-grabbing styles or techniques.

Utilize remailing in your marketing strategy

Remailing is a powerful tactic that can improve email campaigns. It reaches out to subscribers who didn’t engage initially, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates. Focusing on clicks usually yields better results, but monitoring opens can also be helpful. Adding AI-driven solutions like WinstonAI can keep your remailing strategies efficient and customized. A well-rounded remailing approach can unlock your marketing potential for optimal success.

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