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What’s new: hyper-personalization and optimized data

Get ready to improve your customers' experiences with our latest release.
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As consumers are reacting to ongoing economic challenges by opting for quality over quantity, marketers need to be delivering standout customer experiences, every time. Our first product release of 2023 has been designed to allow you to do just that. Our new product features give marketing teams the tools to optimize their technology in order to deliver hybrid customer experiences that resonate – all while spending smarter.

Our latest release enables you to create hyper-personalized experiences, optimize your martech stack utilization, and increase business stability through economic uncertainty.

Let’s dive into this release…

More value in every experience

Say hello to new branded dynamic app blocks from Dotdigital tech partners that allow you to hyper-personalize content and create more engaging campaigns in minutes. Simply drag and drop third-party partner content into your emails and landing pages in the EasyEditor with no coding required. Get more our of your existing martech stack, all while reducing unsubscribe rates from customers.

Why is this important?

Customers of today are looking for better experiences from the brands they decide to spend their money with. They’re firmly after quality over quantity and need no excuse to take their business elsewhere if they feel they’re not seeing value from a brand. Personalized, relevant, and real-time are some of the many elements which can influence their overall experience. We’re happy to announce the first selection of extension partners, with more to follow soon.

How it works:

  • Display your Yotpo product reviews in emails. User-generated content (UGC) such as recent reviews, or specific product reviews can increase trust and drive purchases.
  • Share promotions and unique coupon codes from Uniqodo. Reward your most loyal customers and incentivize new ones by adding coupon codes to your email campaigns including welcome journeys, win-back programs, abandoned cart, and much more.
  • Showcase your happy shopper stories from Display recent 5-star service and product reviews within your email campaigns to drive more conversions.
  • Pull through dynamic content with Fresh Relevance. Use Fresh Relevance SmartBlocks to send real-time personalized content such as countdown timers, weather reports, or product recommendations.
  • Incorporate your latest 5-star reviews with Trustpilot. Keep your brand experience consistent while showcasing your latest positive reviews, by seamlessly adding customized review blocks to emails and landing pages.

You can see which Dotdigital partners have app blocks available for you to use in our new partner directory. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager, or Business Development representative if you have any questions about a certain partner.

Building a cost-efficient data hub

Reviewing and optimizing existing marketing tech stack spend is high on every marketers to-do list this year. Existing technology needs to work better together and benefit all team members. This release, we’re bringing in more integrations to help you get the most of your martech stack, and optimize any third-party spend. These tech integrations will help benefit everyone within your marketing team.

We’re bringing new integrations from eStar, Marketplacer, Commertools, and Netsuite Oracle to help you bring all your data together in one cost-effective data hub.

Why is this important?

These integrations, along with Dotdigital’s suite of existing commerce tools will help boost your marketing function. Incorporating more shopper behavior data into your marketing enables you to better target and engage with your audiences, ultimately driving more conversions and revenue to your business.

What new integrations are launching?

We’ve got two integrations ready for you to get started with today, and two more are available in a preview which you can sign-up for through your Customer Success Manager.

  • eStar: A popular ecommerce platform used predominantly in Australia and New Zealand. The new Dotdigital for eStar integration will sync subscribers and other contacts, product catalogues, and order data to provide a better all-round customer experience.
  • Marketplacer: The global online marketplace platform allows businesses to sell their products on a variety of marketplaces through one single platform. This integration syncs both the order and product data, plus any subscribed contacts into your Dotdigital account.
  • Commercetools: This is an ecommerce platform built on modern Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-native and headless (MACH) principles. Our integration allows brands to easily import product, customer, and purchase data into their Dotdigital account, and make use of the full lifecycle marketing tools. We’re proud to announce that Dotdigital is a certified ISV partner of Commercetools.
  • Netsuite: NetSuite provides ecommerce and point-of-sale (POS) solutions that help businesses move away from siloed online and in-store channels and seamlessly connect all customer touchpoints. With the new Dotdigital for Netsuite integration, you can sync product data, customer, prospect, and lead data, as well as their order behavior to power marketing in Dotdigital.

Creating hybrid experiences

We’ve been used to attending virtual events for the past three years, but now – we’re getting up close and personal again, as live and hybrid events return to our marketing calendars. Our new Cvent integration allows you to bring your event attendees into your marketing lists, so you can communicate with them before, during, and after an event.

Why is this important?

Events have always been a key element of the marketing mix for B2B brands. It offers a space for brands, prospects, and customers to build relationships, face-to-face, or virtually. 95% of marketers globally agree that live, in-person events offer the best opportunity to meet buyers and create real-life connections. 65% of buyers agree that attending an event has enabled them to better understand their product, therefore led to a purchase being completed.

How does it work?

The Cvent integration is a self-serve integration which you can access through the Dotdigital Integration hub and set up in no time at all. Use the integration to sync your event invitees, registrants, and attendees into address lists to contact them before, during, and after your event. It’s also possible to sync event data as an insight data collection.

You can:

  • Send reminders ahead of the event to attendees let them know how to get to the venue, find your stand amongst the crowd, or even just to ask them to confirm that they’re still able to attend.
  • Update your prospective buyers by SMS throughout an event to let them know what’s happening on your stand, and any keynote speakers you may have ready to meet and greet them.
  • Send them a roundup of the event after it’s over, including what you’re offering or any FAQ’s you picked up on the day.
  • Let prospective customers know of your next event they might wish to join you at.

Whatever your requirement, this integration from Cvent removes data silos and allows you to effectively and efficiently market your events.

Send engaging Trustpilot review invitations – directly through Dotdigital

User-generated content (UGC) is trusted by 85% of shoppers across the globe, and 89% of all consumers actively check product reviews ahead of making their final decision to purchase. With the latest addition to our integration with Trustpilot, you can now send fully customized review invites through Dotdigital as part of your marketing campaigns. Ask shoppers to review a product or service after it’s been delivered to their doorstep, with personalized and branded emails to get more, and better, reviews to use in your marketing.

How does it work?

You can build and send these emails as you would normally as part of a campaign or one-off send. Create the review invitation in Dotdigital’s drag-and-drop email editor, and set them to be triggered either 7, 14, or 30 days post-purchase, depending on what makes sense in your product lifecycle.

Spotlight on our technology and service partners

We know that finding the right marketing technology, service, or agency partners are key to every marketer’s success. At Dotdigital we’re proud to have a broad ecosystem of trusted integration and service partners across the globe. Make sure you’re set up for success by choosing integrations and service providers that work well with each other and help you achieve your business growth goals.

Head to the Partner Directory to search for an technology or service partner in your region.

Scrolling view of Dotdigital's partner directory

What else is coming this release?

That’s not all we have to offer in this release, take a look below to see what else there is to get started with:

  • Back in stock for Shopify and BigCommerce: Act on customer intent and let your buyers know when a product they’re interested in is back in stock and ready for them to purchase. With Dotdigital’s easy-to-use configurator you can customize your back in stock button and pop-up to be in line with your store. Push it live in a few clicks and start generating otherwise lost revenue, fast.
  • Display tax details in product blocks: For wholesale brands and retail industries selling across both B2B and B2C, and those expected to show tax details due to regional or legal requirements; this is the update for you. Easily customize how tax details and other product details are shown in emails and on landing pages. The update is available on products blocks, last browsed, product recommendations, and the abandoned cart block.
  • Automate store-based events with Shopware Flow Builder: Our latest release brings new actions into this integration. You can now set any Shopware Store-based events to trigger a transactional email, update any contact in Dotdigital, or enroll into a Dotdigital program. With over 80 triggers available, the options are limitless.
  • Filter reports by campaign tags in Cross-account and Account analytics: The latest update to our analytics allows you to filter dashboards by a campaign tag and is the latest addition to a growing list of available filters to help make it easy to customize your dashboard as needed. Campaign tags could include; ‘Black Friday’, ‘Christmas’, ‘Singles Day’, ‘Sales’ and more to help you benchmark your seasonal or regional campaign performance.
  • Goodbye Universal Analytics – Hello Google Analytics 4: Google will soon be sunsetting Universal Analytics for the next generation of Google Analytics – GA4. Dotdigital is ready to support you through this transition and keep your reporting function running as normal. UTM link-tracking will continue to work when GA4 rolls out in July 2023. You’ll be able to implement UTM link-tracking for both email and SMS and view this data in your Google Analytics dashboards. We’re running a training webinar to cover is upcoming change in March. Reserve your place here.

Can I find out more?

We’ve recorded two on-demand webinars where we delve into the details of this release, watch now.

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