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Since marketing functions have drastically changed from March 2020, marketers across the globe have been faced with the daily ask of understanding how they can deliver better customer experiences, which in turn lead to better engagement, and better conversions.

This is a task that requires understanding your customer through-and-through and knowing what makes them tick, to deliver content that’ll make them click. This may sound like a daunting task, but at the end of the day it all comes down to one thing – data. And it’s data that’ll enable you to better understand your customers, and see them more clearly, and in turn deliver the very best customer experiences.

Let’s take a deeper dive

Dotdigital’s latest release is focused on helping you better understand your customers, deliver personalized campaigns, and bring more data into play. This is all to help you engage better and sell more by seamlessly targeting your audience.


Broaden horizons with cross-account reporting

Wouldn’t it be great if decision-makers in global growing businesses could easily see a bird’s-eye view of all their email performance across regions and business divisions to compare which of their campaigns are performing the best? Well, with cross-account reporting in Dotdigital you can do just that.

This new functionality gives decision makers across your business the ability to see top-down how all of their accounts are performing. We know that decision-makers in marketing functions come in all shapes and sizes, from CMOs to Heads of Engagement to CRM Managers – there are many people who need a holistic overview of how campaign content is performing. Cross-account reporting gives you that benchmark to broaden your marketing horizons.

The dashboard opens up a world of opportunities for you when it comes to clearly seeing performance data up-front. There, you’ll be able to compare and track the details of multiple child accounts for any time-frame within the last two years. The simple to view performance tiles allow for easy comparison of up to six key metrics against one email campaign, or alternatively, six email campaigns against one key metric.

The ability to understand engagement performance at such a top-level makes it easier to gain an understanding and share your market success across the board, and help foster a culture of cross-team learning.

Don’t forget you can speak to your customer success manager to find out more about cross-account reporting.

Target more accurately with enhanced Single customer view

Valuable customer relationships take time to develop. Failing to generate deep customer insights means you’ll be unable to effectively engage audiences and build those relationships. With Dotdigital’s enhanced SCV, it’s now easier to look back on what’s worked in the past, so that you can optimize your future campaigns.

We first released Dotdigital’s SCV back in November 2021 giving you a 360-degree of your customer. Since then, we’ve taken on board valuable feedback from our customers to further develop the SCV, making it infinitely more actionable. Let’s dive in.

Firstly, the new functionality makes it easier to create and develop more targeted messages for your customers, with increased levels of personalization. An opened up date-range flexibility means that your view of customer interaction has increased from 30-days, to one year. This gives you increased visibility, and flexibility. This is great for holiday campaigns as you can now see what your customers did last year, and use this information to target them better this time around.

We’ve also added in an expanded customer view to identify likely product recommendations, to keep your customer engaged. What did customer ‘A’ purchase that customer ‘B’ will also like? Show customers products they’ll like and see your conversion rate increase.

Last but not least, you can now easily create lookalike segments of your ideal customer to create more targeted and personalized messages for all of your customers – with a single click. We’ve even included affinity scores to show you as a percentage how confident you can be that a particular product fits the wants and needs of an individual customer. You can see the affinity score when you preview a product recommendation against a particular customer.

We’re offering all of this whilst being proud of the responsible marketing practices that we champion. What we mean by this can be found here in our Rise of the Responsible Marketer report. And remember, Dotdigital is not only ISO 27001, ISO 27701, but also ISO 14001 certified, meaning you can rest assured you are developing out a single view of your customer in a platform that puts customers first, encourages responsible marketing practices, and will benefit your business in the long run. You can learn more about our credentials in our Trust Centre.

Integrations you can rely on

There’s a lot of data available to marketers on a daily basis. But without knowing what any of it means, or what to do with it, it’s not going to be very useful. This is why integrating data with other platforms is so important, as it’ll enable you to make the most out of your data and use it to make informed decisions when it comes to your marketing functions. Let’s take a look into these newest integrations.

Seamlessly target audiences with

Modern day purchases are very different to those carried out ten years ago. With online shopping especially, people want reassurance before they purchase something they’ve never seen in-person. This has led to an astonishing 93% of customers saying that their purchasing decisions are influenced by online reviews.

With and Dotdigital, you can now bring your customer review data into play, and use it to help retarget your customers. You now have the ability to use your customer’s review history to strengthen email campaigns, boost your click-through rates, and ultimately increase your revenue using the integration with Dotdigital.

Use review data to effectively segment your audiences and send them targeted follow-ups. For example, secure second chances with customers who have had a less-than-perfect experience when purchasing a product from you. The integration makes it easy to retarget them with a follow up that points them to your support team, or ask them how you could have done better and use it as a learning opportunity.

On the flipside, you can target your 5-star fans with a simple ‘thank you’ message or an exclusive discount code that they can use against their next purchase. Make every review the beginning of something new.

Engage better and sell more with Zendesk Sell

Building understanding of your customers is a key element when creating campaigns that’ll better engage and resonate with them. Being able to ensure that all marketing functions are working together towards a common goal is important to ensure high levels of success.

The new Dotdigital for Zendesk Sell integration enables you to sync contact, lead, opt-in and opt-out, and product catalog data between Zendesk Sell and Dotdigital. With your data in one place, you’ll have marketers and sellers singing from the same song sheet. Giving you all that you require to trigger cross-channel communication flows to the right people, and accelerate opportunity development for enhanced sales productivity.

Simplify your analysis with Google Sheets

Last year we gave you the ability to sync campaign data to Google Sheets.

So many of you have since asked us if we can build the same Google Sheets integration for address book and segment data, as well as form responses. Now you can. Our latest release means you can track your segment and address book growth over time, and seamlessly sync form stats and response data into your Google Sheets of choice by using our new Google Sheets integrations, available in the Integration hub.

Syncing your address book and segment data to Google Sheets allows you to track your address book and segment growth over time, be it hourly, daily or monthly. We give you control over how regularly you’re pulling this data across to exactly where you need it to be.

Secondly, by pulling form data and responses to Google Sheets you can further analyze these in whatever 3rd party tools you use, such as Google Data Studio. It’s fully automated – and removes another manual process from your day, so you can spend more time on your favorite part of your job.

Whatever your data requirement, these integrations, plus the many others available to you in our integration hub, will make it more straightforward for you to analyze your data to make it work even harder for you, and help you to drive your business growth. We know you’ve got big plans for your business, so being able to make the most of reliable data will help you every step along the way.


To find out more about this latest product release, and how it can help you you achieve your goals in 2022 and beyond, check out our deep-dive training webinar.

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