See how TVAPE took their email program to the next level

  • increase in revenue in year one

With a decade of vaporizer sales experience, the experts at TVAPE are the premier vaporizer opinion leaders. TVAPE is one of the world’s largest vaporizer retailers and distributors, linking brands to businesses and consumers worldwide. Their focus on exceptional customer service, quality products and cutting-edge digital marketing positions them as industry trendsetters. As educators and influencers, TVAPE is home to the world’s largest library of vaporizer content.


What company isn’t looking to increase their sales and ROI?

TVAPE was looking for a smart and robust omnichannel marketing automation platform to take its email program to the next level. Now fully established in the vape market, the brand was looking to harness and utilize all of the email addresses they were capturing to their full potential. The right tool would transform that captured data into highly relevant and actionable marketing messages; dotdigital was the perfect fit.


Dotdigital has helped TVAPE reach its customers in dynamic and engaging ways through the use of marketing automation. Within the platform’s automation studio, program builder, the team has been able to map out the customer journey in a way that serves customers with the right message at the right time.

The triggered automations are based on customer actions – which include signing up, making a purchase, etc. – and take recipients on a milestone-based journey to generate reviews, buy parts and cleaning supplies, plus upgrade to new devices. The idea is to graduate customers through cross-upselling and turn them into brand advocates. This will help build loyalty in the long run. Other automations TVAPE has implemented, triggered off the back of a customer action, including birthday emails.

Targeting both prospective, new, and existing customers through automations means that TVAPE is able to communicate its promotions and sales in a creative and unique way. Every message is rich in context and well received by recipients who find the content super-relevant, ultimately driving more engagement and customer action.

What’s more, TVAPE is developing surveys to understand its audiences better. That way the team can provide even more value to them through the right content and promotions – not just to customers, but to tech, wellness, cbd and cannabis communities as well. Garnering customer feedback on products and services helps improve TVAPE’s offering across the board. It’s a win-win strategy.


Thanks to dotdigital, TVAPE’s email revenue shot up by 38% in the first year of using the platform. dotdigital’s native targeting capabilities, which include email personalization and segmentation, have helped the brand drive higher message relevancy; meaning customers are much more likely to engage with emails that land in the inbox.