VetShopMax sees significant revenue growth with automation campaigns

  • Increase in gross sales revenue

  • Database increase

  • Average click-to-open rate

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Established in 1999, VetShopMax has been helping pet parents with pet supplies and medication at incredibly low prices.


With a growing database, VetShopMax realized that it was losing potential revenue by not targeting the right customers at the right time with the right product. Additionally, the brand wanted to encourage customers that had abandoned their products online to resume their purchase.

Therefore, the team needed to adopt more advanced segmentation practices and implement a cart recovery program. VetShopMax then started to explore automation functionality and solutions that integrated with the Magento platform.


VetShopMax has been using Dotdigital for automated customer engagement programs such as a welcome series, abandoned cart notifications, and birthday email campaigns.

“A key feature of Dotdigital’s solution is the Magento connector. This allows for a near-real-time sync of all our customers, subscribers’ data, and their transactions. This data is leveraged when building automation rules that help us target the required customer segments, without the need for any exporting and importing,” commented Naomi Szabo, Marketing Manager (Digital) at VetShop Group of Companies.

Furthermore, Naomi reveals that the Dotdigital solution integrated with Magento automation functionality is powerful and easy to use. “Dotdigital makes it really easy to build and edit campaigns, with a simple drag-and-drop editor that enables us to save custom blocks to drag into campaigns.” “Another great feature is the Google Analytics tracking integration that allows us to easily build dashboards and widgets to track email visits, conversion rates, and revenue. Furthermore, the automation template library gives a journey flow that can be easily tweaked to suit our needs.”

About VetShop Max

Founded by Dr. Mark Perissinotto, a veterinary surgeon with more than 25 years of experience, VetShopMax is backed by assured product reliability, quick delivery, and great customer service.

A key feature of Dotdigital’s solution is the Magento connector. This allows for a near-real-time sync of all our customers, subscribers’ data, and their transactions.”

Naomi Szabo, Marketing Manager, VetShopMax
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“Since implementing Dotdigital into our platforms, we have already seen a 33 percent increase in gross sales revenue (GSR) over the first quarter of 2019,” said Naomi.

One of the other relevant results, after integrating with Dotdigital, was generated by an email that ran in April; the campaign had a conversion rate of 11.3 percent and 15 percent when it was sent as a re-mail.

The company also noticed a 10 percent growth in its database just in the first quarter of this year. Twenty-one unique campaigns, which included 500,000 emails with an almost 12 percent average click-to-open rate, contributed to this engagement.