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Grenson prides itself in the quality of its shoemaking through astute attention to detail; since 1866, the brand has respected best-of-breed techniques and processes which have ultimately earnt the brand its heritage status. Grenson’s reputation as a champion shoemaker is the overriding message that needs to be relayed to customers at each and every touchpoint.

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The surge in ecommerce brought with it a need for Grenson – like many other retailers – to provide a customer experience online that marries perfectly to the one in store. Grenson wanted to broaden its email reach without compromising its respected heritage status – in effect, sustaining aftersales engagement through personalized customer care, rather than through the art of upselling.

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Through a ‘collaborative automation build’ session with dotdigital’s digital marketing specialists, Grenson implemented a post-purchase automation program that was purely customer-centric. The “thank you” trigger email was highly attentive towards customers’ feedback, delivered product-enhancing content and reinforced the brand’s legacy values of craftmanship and quality.

Collaboration was the best option for Grenson to kickstart its automation journey. The team initially scoped the project with their dotdigital account manager and digital marketing specialist, during which the data framework, program structure and campaign body was outlined. Afterwards, the automation was built during a co-operative, face-to-face session, and then quality-tested and activated by dotdigital. The value for Grenson was twofold: being trained on how to build an automation program (i.e. understand the logic to set up more in the future) and the deliverable of a tried-and-tested automation program, built by experts.

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Online customers expect the same level of care they’d receive in store, and post-purchase emails can help deliver this experience. Recipients are more than likely to engage with these highly contextual messages that – more often than not – generate sensational results. Grenson enjoyed an average open rate of 70% from its aftersales email program; customers were clearly interested in tips on how to look after their new shoes. What’s more, the response-to-click rate of its survey totalled 60%; feedback on the shopping experience continues to provide Grenson with valuable insight into customer satisfaction, helping the brand drive UX optimization and improve its service offering. Ultimately, Grenson has built on its foundations of heritage – its greatest asset – to enrich the post-purchase journey. Such high standards of online customer care are likely to instil further loyalty and
strengthen the brand’s advocacy in the long run.

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